DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: April 2007


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Now this is bad.

Somehow, I can't walk properly because my right hip is hurting bad. Really bad. So bad that I can't turn over in my sleep...I woke up in pain twice in the middle of the night when I tried to roll over. I have no idea what's wrong with it too, I don't know if it's a muscle strain or a joint problem. And, I don't know if it will go away soon enough so that I don't have to limp to school...I probably can't last the whole Monday. The thing is, I don't know how it originated!! I was sitting around at my desk when suddenly the pain came. How strange.

Just hope for the best...somehow I'm getting sick, and...well, 'injured', as I call it, but at least I'm still feeling quite alright(I hope). Interesting...the pain is weird too, not sharp, but like...giving a weird feeling I cannot describe...

All I can do is hope for the best.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And it's another boring, painful day

I woke up this morning, stretched my legs, and they cramped. Both of them. Though, well, my left one was worse. Now that was bad. It's still aching now.

As the title says, it's another boring, painful day, though the boring part fortunately did not consist much of the...academics. I could really sleep in class(if I was allowed to). I will need more sleep for tomorrow so that I can sleep more tomorrow! Well, if you get what I mean.

Even now I am darned bored. I have Geography mindmaps to do, Chinese to study, and complete my Project Work Preliminary Idea Report. Fortunately after this, I can take a rest. Additionally, next tuesday is a holiday. Yay.

For now, I need to stop doing this unless there's something really interesting or I really do feel like typing. It must have been a record or something, I have been posting 5 days in a row. Ah, now that feels better.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Desire I Require

My CD can't work, my right-side hip hurts, I feel like playing a DS, and I almost screwed up my physics Practical. Ah, now that's what you call a boring normal day.

As for the physics practical, it was part of 'A' Level so I could not afford to screw anything up. It involved the bending of a metre rule by using some weights and a pulley. The amazing thing is, I have learnt about pulleys since lower secondary science (or even primary science), but this is the first time I use(and see) a pulley in a practical exercise! Well, an examination actually.

So I continued to do my experiment happily until I realised one thing. When I pressed down the ruler all the way and let go so that the weights lifted the ruler, the raised length was definitely different if I pressed the weights down instead. The pulley was somehow...rough. The gap range of 40 centimetres was too large to ignore. However, the resulting graph still produced a straight line, so I happily drew it and tinkered with the apparatus a bit. That was when I realised that there was something wrong with the clamped pulley...so I loosened the clamp and re-clamped the pulley. Then...

The ruler could OSCILLATE! I happened to clamp the pulley too hard, which resulted in the inability for it to shift fluently. In the last fifteen minutes I re-recorded two sets of results and drew a graph...which turned out to be more proper-looking.

Otherwise, the rest of the day was just a plain, boring, don't-understand-anything feel and headache-ridden day.

I will end with something I noticed when I typed just now:

Random#4: I seem to use a lot of hyphens today.
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Monday, April 23, 2007


Who doesn't?

For starters, I have Mathematics, Geography and Project Work homework to do, Physics, Chinese and General Paper to study for. They are giving me headaches, as in literally. It must have something to do with this horrendous weather. Today was like, somebody up in the sky just wasn't happy with our school. I had to wait more than half an hour before rushing home for my piano lesson...then I felt sick...that would have been due to no lower than four coughing people in my class...

Random#2: My hair is too long

Now, time is also important for...sleep. I'm probably going to fall ill tomorrow, but that is not possible because there is Physics 'A' Level Practical. Yes! The actual thing! Though it is only part of it, but it's actually the actual thing! So no matter what, The Physics Practical virus will own all the rest whereby I shall do the practical with somehow somewhat level of committment! Yes I know I'm somehow ranting. Also, I got irritated by something...

Random#3: I searched for a CD for much of the evening in my stuffed cupboard and went on to somehow read a chinese picture book and sat here typing when suddenly I saw it on the table in front of me

New notechart is up. It's on Chocobo Racing's Mythril Mines, that nice wacky tune. However, as again, I have not the time to upload it yet. If only...you could control time...

...no wait. That will be disrupting the creed of EViL somehow, I feel. For the benefit of all, you shall sacrifice.
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Definition of Nevilinity, v1.1

This is from one of my older posts:

Pronounced: Nev-il-in-it-y
In the state of lost in thoughts while thinking/planning.
Origin: This 'word' originated from my e-mail address. The meaning was thought by me of what I sometimes do...

Now has been updated...

Pronounced: Nev-il-in-uh-ti
Noun (No other form)
In the state of lost in thoughts while thinking or planning; in the state of oblivion.
State of ~
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And so I have spent my whole night recustiomizing my links and stuff. Not much to say now other than that the only homework I have literally touched is Geography.

Now I'll do a random phrase/fact whenever I feel like it. Random facts are usually on short stupid things that had happened...so I hope there are actually some senseless stuff that happens in my life. A double ha-ha. A random phrase or fact will be given a line to itself, and just stated like this:

Random#0: AHAHOhe thIZ Iz rAnd01V1 f4C+ I sUX 4+ l337S*3Ak!!1!!ELEVENTYONE!!11!

Of course with variable numbers and stupid stuff behind.

And so now let's start:

Random#1: I forgot what I actually wanted to type for Random#1.

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When Regularities aren't Regular

I just woke up after 10 hours of sleep. That's not unusual if you count that I slept 4 hours the previous night.

Well, halfway through Friday I realized there was some Movie Marathon thingy going on in my school...and it lasted from 1900 to 0730 the next day. So I tried it out...not before my routine Friday band practice. By then my dinner was about to be screwed, with the canteen closing at about 1700. Not to mention band lasted all the way until 2000, I had nothing proper to eat until...the next day at 1200. The horrifying fact was that band lasted from 0900 to 1600 the next day.

After watching a few movies then, I felt that I needed the rest for the band practice. Thus, at 0330, my classmate and his friends and I left the school...to a kind of eerie place. The roads were all empty. There were no vehicles in sight...when suddenly a taxi appeared and my friends took it (because I was going somewhere else). I then returned home and got four hours of important sleep (without taking a shower).

Next morning I went for band practice!.. And after that tiring ordeal, I had to meet up with friends to do project work. I was supposed to meet them at CCK MRT, and while I was waiting for them I saw a survivor of the Movie Marathon, albeit half-dead. I could have been more dead.

And after I returned home and had a proper dinner, I went to the sofa and fell asleep until 0000. Then I somehow dragged myself back to my bed (after brushing my teeth) and slept for another 8 hours.

Interesting 2 days. But now I wonder how I'm going to finish all my homework.
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fire Drills Cut Time

Literally translated into, Flames tunnel into the ground and chop a clock. TY-style.

Anyway, our school had a...alarm bell drill today...there was no fire. And that was after our Chinese lesson when we were supposed to have a break! We stood in the field with the rest of the school doing nothing until the rain started to fall about...30 minutes later. Which left 30 minutes in our break time, with half the school looking at the empty canteen hoping to be the first to dash into the stalls...

Otherwise, it was quite an uneventful day. Honestly. The reason I'm typing something here is because I most probably can't tomorrow! Ah, oh well.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Okay It's finally fixed!..but I had to go through a lot.

I was so afraid my computer was going to die on me...although it is already dead. I accidently plucked out the cable thingy connecting the computer to the keyboard...then things started to go wrong. I had to either pluck out my mouse or keyboard and I couldn't sign in with only one of them so I had to restart my computer for over five times. Scary for my computer which is getting old...I am so afraid that it will break down that I had made some backup discs...which I misplaced anyway. I guess I will need to make new ones...

For now, I would just hope this would turn out better.
For the power of DiViNE EViL...shall be behind all.
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DiViNE EViL supports good English

Well, this is an inverse colour scheme...and darkened all the light text. If you like this, say yay. If you don't, then say yay for my old one. If you don't like neither, you'll get cursed by the power of DiViNE EViL (with good English). It's that simple.
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Cyclic Octahedral

I'm bored and so the title here has nothing to do with this post. Ah.

Probably all my classmates are complaining about the physics test anyway, so here's my version.

"I should have taken Economics"

Ah, but...well...I have no idea how to explain this. Just in case your inference is teh suxx0rz like how I screwed up my combined humanities, here's the blunt truth: I think Feesicks is teh suxx0rz!

Don't mind the 1337, it's just only a few phrases that I rarely use.

Oh, and, I'll probably be trying to change the colour of the blog...to black and white. Easier to read, see. Anyway, it's mostly text.

But text is good for health. And so is good English.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lameness rules.

TY here is a classmate of mine who is lame. Not as lame as me, because I fulfil two definations of 'lame'. But he quite excels my other meaning of lame, which is 'being not funny so much that it is funny'.

Some quotes from TY:
Teacher:"Next week(lecture) we will be moving very fast"
TY:"She say next week she will be moving very fast"

TY:"I ran so much yesterday that my body egg(ache)...then I can cook the egg"

Q:"Which part of your body is the fastest"
A:"The nose because it can run"

Q:"How can you escape from a sealed metal box with only a small knife and an orange"
A:"Cut the orange into half, place it back together to make a hole(whole) and escape using the hole"

Q:"You escaped from the hole and found yourself on top of a mountain. How do you get off the mountain quickly"
A:"Shout yourself horse(hoarse) and ride the horse down the mountain"

He even has the "lameness aura" because he makes those around him become lame
Physics Teacher:"You know what a mercury-in-glass thermometer is right?"
Guy beside TY:" Mercury so big how to put inside glass"

And, I actually tried to find the volume of a resistor today. Oh well. It is just so...difficult...and tomorrow is going to be a long long day...yeah, as much as twenty kilometres...
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

...continued from post below

Anyways, what we did was, play a game our teacher 'invented'! Although there is no official name, it is most likely named 'Thetorturousmedicineball'. Well, we had to take this Medicine Ball, which contrary to its name, probably weighs like 35,152 pills of Panadol(trademark) compressed into a ball. And, contrary to its name, you don't eat it when you're ill.In fact, the thing that is most un-contrary to its name is um...the game's name!(if you haven't deciphered it already) How can 35,152 pills of doom kill you other than swallowing them? Well...carry them. AND run around the track. THEN toss them. THEN catch them. THEN run around the track with it again. THEN , THEN run around the track with it again...you get the point(i hope). So at the end, we were relieved to lock up the pills of doom back to where they belong (the torturechambers).
So, stay tuned next week for another 'New Ideas to Torture Students if you're a Physical Education(Tortuation) teacher' lesson next week and find out what happens to the victims! (just hope I won't die or lose my fingers so that I can type more)
For now, I guess I have to cut the post again. It's a miracle if I can post without cutting this.
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Ranting Again?

Well, I have seen many other blogs that update 7 times faster (every day, compared to mine every week) and, I could, you know, if only my father wasn't breathing flames down the back of my neck everytime I touch the 'ON' button. Another thing has either got to do with my computer or Blogger itself. I CAN'T MAKE A DARNED LONG POST! It will SCREW UP! I will need to split my posts into half, three thirds or hundred hundredths, if you get what I mean.(try pronouncing 'hundred hundredths' hundred times)

So my legs ache again after another really wonderful Physical Education lesson. I'll bet though, it can get better. As promised last week, I'm having chest and leg aches, though it has more to do with the leg...
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