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Friday, November 23, 2007

Postprandial Activities

Not much has happened recently, but there is nothing much to expect; I am not an outgoing person anyway. However, there are a few stories I would share...

First is about me getting pwned. By a Primary school boy, no less. Yeah so this guy and his family came to our house for dinner a week ago (his father was my father's friend) and though he was as usual as any boy would be as he was probably familiar to us, but previous times saw chaos and irritation. Not to mention his personal life. Apparently, his family is 'afraid' of him and gives in to him. It is his character to determine what he wants is what he gets. Alright so this is not really a special trait, I know sometimes people are troublesome...but this is taking it one step further. From 'okay' to 'pro'.

Not only his family is afraid of him, his school is too. Yes, his school. Not his teachers, not the principal, but EVERYTHING together. When he says "I need my sleep and I will come to school at 1000 hours even though it starts at 0800" he gets it. And despite this claim causing inconvenience between his family and the principal, they finally gave in to him. So there it goes. He goes to school a few hours late, every school day.

Now this...this kind of plan never even vaguely materialised in my brain, let alone say when I was in primary school. Yet this trait of confidence, or adamant nature, may determine his rise or fall. He has a strong ambition: to become a businessman, and I dare not deny it becoming true. Yet I have a hunch that, even as childhood friends, the way he operates in his life may not be in my preferance. The power will become too strong...to be good.

So after a story of 'strength' we come to a story of 'destiny'. Well, more luck than destiny actually.

My father is an avid tennis player...he is nearly the best in the whole Dairy Farm Estate, except for one person whom my father admits his power. This person is also quite rich (rich enough to buy a USD $17,000 BICYCLE). He always has meetings because...hm I'm not sure of his profession (pardon my ignorance).

So he was having this dinner at this club. He and his wife stayed for quite long because there was a lucky draw in the end, in which the prize was a pair of tickets to watch a exhibition tennis match of Federer and Sampras (which had just finished yesterday), one who is the top tennis player, and one who was a top tennis player. Of course watching two of these top players play against each other would be a treat. It included travel and accommodation fees anyway. However, they did not win the prize, so they left in their car.

Now this guy was already driving out of the club when he suddenly said he wanted to go to the toilet. Not only that, but although it was urgent, it wasn't big business (ahem). When his wife was telling us the story she said this was most unusual. Usually he would go to the toilet before leaving anyway.

So he drove back and went to the toilet, while his wife waited in the car. When he was in the toilet, he heard an announcement that the winner of the prize wasn't free on that day and decided not to take the prize. This was also unusual, as if you had won a prize, but can't use it, you would might as well give it to your family and friends instead. But this guy didn't accept the prize at all (perhaps because he was a cricket player anyway), and there would be a redraw for the prize. So the guy went back, and after the new draw, he won the prize. Well what I know, I haven't so much luck before.

As for the title of this post, I got that from Dictionary.com's 'word of the day'. 'Postprandial' means 'of something after a meal, especially dinner' and I hope I'm using it right here...as after dinner, I played tennis (ironically?) and well...typed this post.

Ha ha.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I guess I don't understand females yet

My interaction with females of the human race has been...honestly...stark.

Honestly speaking, the time in my I life speak with females not blood-related with me is less than 3%. I can even imagine it. I went to an all-boys primary AND secondary school, and now I'm in a class that us 88% male.

Not that I actually need this, but I will have to deal with this sooner or later...curiously I treat all people alike once I get to know them, but girls just have that different impression of lame things...I guess...I can't imagine lame girls anyway. Or maybe I just know too little.

And even with my mother and my sister...the closest females (and probably consisting of 70% of females I talk to), it just hits me that they typically...shop. I guess if you shop it is alright, because you will buy something that you look for...but they don't. Like today. I had to follow them because they didn't want me sitting at home all the time. Alright but I do go out sometimes...not to shop, though. They wanted to buy clothes...in the end they bought a box of chocolates and a jar of jam. Heh just a jar of jam sounds more fuzzy...

Alright I'm being too blunt here. I do understand them I guess...but don't pull me into it!! Ha. I don't really like standing around starting at clothes...

Oh yeah. Not an emo post. Ha!
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Monday, November 12, 2007


My connection has been interrupted. Internet connection, I mean.

It was last saturday that my father removed two computers from our midst...well, in short-term. He installed something into the desktop that made it start up twice as long, and unable to open any program or anything related to the internet (even the browser). It seems that the installation overloaded the RAM (that's what my father said, I'm not that hardware savvy). Then he wanted to move the laptop to the living room where he could record music from the record player (the one that plays the big black 'discs', I forgot the specific term for it). Therefore we were cut from the internet altogether! In order to control this situation I had to, well, bring the laptop back into the room within the wireless range to...like type here and make a post (there are many more important things to attend to).

However, amongst all these short-term problems, one thing is clear; I have passed this year. The power of DiViNE EViL, hopefully, will return into its slumber for now. What I have to do, and I don't know if I can, is to prepare for its return, more powerful and uncontrollable, the next year. After all, an examination is due. A major examination.

A damn examination.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Alright, so a presentation is coming up. Eh, what's this..? I was never good at presenting...I have a naturally soft voice, and this doesn't seem good at all. Even when I'm practically shouting in front of a classroom somebody at the back can't hear me. The only way is to holler...but this makes my voice sound different...

As a thought, yes, my speech isn't very good. Though it's better than what I can do physically. And my actions (non-aggressive) are better than my speech. And my words better than my actions. Therefore, you can't really tell my whole character from what I type here.

Funny, isn't it, there are so many mediums of communication, but each have their own advantages...

Time is a mysterious happening...it's constant, but you never feel it that way. It's already October...the peak of the power of DiViNE EViL is over...but never let your guard down. It can strike while you are unaware, but it hurts more when you are prepared for it...fight to the end...

Never fall...to the power of DiViNE EViL.
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