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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I guess I don't understand females yet

My interaction with females of the human race has been...honestly...stark.

Honestly speaking, the time in my I life speak with females not blood-related with me is less than 3%. I can even imagine it. I went to an all-boys primary AND secondary school, and now I'm in a class that us 88% male.

Not that I actually need this, but I will have to deal with this sooner or later...curiously I treat all people alike once I get to know them, but girls just have that different impression of lame things...I guess...I can't imagine lame girls anyway. Or maybe I just know too little.

And even with my mother and my sister...the closest females (and probably consisting of 70% of females I talk to), it just hits me that they typically...shop. I guess if you shop it is alright, because you will buy something that you look for...but they don't. Like today. I had to follow them because they didn't want me sitting at home all the time. Alright but I do go out sometimes...not to shop, though. They wanted to buy clothes...in the end they bought a box of chocolates and a jar of jam. Heh just a jar of jam sounds more fuzzy...

Alright I'm being too blunt here. I do understand them I guess...but don't pull me into it!! Ha. I don't really like standing around starting at clothes...

Oh yeah. Not an emo post. Ha!
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