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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

JLam Returns

Well that's it, the JLam symbol v1.01 (not to be confused with the DiViNE EViL symbol) and while the meanings for it develop, its form, shape and colours may change too. Although I originally made this last year, it's not until now that I have shared it with anyone else. Also, I hope to implement more pictures here so that it won't be so boring just staring at chunks of text. Like these.

The light blue area represents the scythe, a double-blade, and a saw-shaped edge. The scythe is basically my favoured choice of weapon...the power of attack. However, its counterpart, the orange area, is the complementary(opposite) colour of blue...but then I think of attack as a lighter colour like orange...so I might switch them.

The green and violet again are complementaries of each other, denoting balance. However, the shapes are not defined, I just made some acute angles on the lines and connected them...again in an area I could further develop.

Other than that, my normal life is still unconfirmed of its next step, information about it will be provided soon. As for EViL Encounter, it has been overdeveloping again thanks(not so) to two extremely enthusiastic testers that always go further than I have developed...don't they ever understand.

That's why, humans are the source of the EViLness.
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