DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: August 2006


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

JLam Returns

Well that's it, the JLam symbol v1.01 (not to be confused with the DiViNE EViL symbol) and while the meanings for it develop, its form, shape and colours may change too. Although I originally made this last year, it's not until now that I have shared it with anyone else. Also, I hope to implement more pictures here so that it won't be so boring just staring at chunks of text. Like these.

The light blue area represents the scythe, a double-blade, and a saw-shaped edge. The scythe is basically my favoured choice of weapon...the power of attack. However, its counterpart, the orange area, is the complementary(opposite) colour of blue...but then I think of attack as a lighter colour like orange...so I might switch them.

The green and violet again are complementaries of each other, denoting balance. However, the shapes are not defined, I just made some acute angles on the lines and connected them...again in an area I could further develop.

Other than that, my normal life is still unconfirmed of its next step, information about it will be provided soon. As for EViL Encounter, it has been overdeveloping again thanks(not so) to two extremely enthusiastic testers that always go further than I have developed...don't they ever understand.

That's why, humans are the source of the EViLness.
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So this is it, isn't it...

I would have liked to rant about problems here, but I prefer not to. I would still like to keep this blog clear...

BUT whatever, I'm still stuck around. I may not see the daylights of Polytechnic life again, but now something is really bugging me almost about anything. I've worked harder than ever in the last three days, going to sleep at around two and three in the morning. AND it isn't all that unusual.

Can't humans forgive, change their views for once, stop thinking as if they know everything (yes I know adults who do these) and fart like a kid.

Alright trash the 'fart like a kid' part but that's in some ways true. They want to keep their ego as mature responsible adults. This leads to wrong decisions. So they look in retrospect what they should have done. It's alright that they knew they made mistakes but not force others to not do that, because this generation is different.

Entirely different.

It's a pity some adults really don't understand and can get as stubborn as little girls. Right, I would admit I don't understand them all the time, but it's so sad when they hold nothing against you except for their 'I'm older and therefore more experienced' leetspeak and expect you to slave yourself to them.

It's something they take advantage of, which adds to a new point of the EViL human species.

They will never correct themselves.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now what.

Let's start with a dream I had.


I was in this building, I couldn't remember where, but I remembered the interior of the building. I was inside there with about one or two other people whom I forgot...we were going up stairs and down stairs on grey carpeted ground. To the sides were rows of computers like in cubicles where people were there busy doing 3D MODELLING.

*End of Dream*

I guess there was more but this was all I remembered...I wonder what this omen is.

Aside from that, we shall go into the past.

Friday, 28th July 2006. Passing out parade (POP) of the next batch of band members in my ex-school band...and well I went to visit them after hurrying an assignment in which I put music into a part of a short movie clip. Some students from my batch were there, and so were some of my seniors. Mark Alphonsus Lee Fu Wen was the first guy I saw there...haha. However not really a lot of students returned...quite sad. I suppose that's because it's not our POP anyways. AND alright after that we had pizza and such and...what? Pizza? Oh so when were they able to afford that...we always had packet food last time. Fortunately as alumni we could grab as much as we wanted. All in all it was a memorable but as always, tiring day.

Back to the present, these two weeks are slightly uphill. I have to use a computer program to draw, then use my hands to draw, create thumbnails and study for a test all by tomorrow. Not that bad considering that I'm typing here now. Somehow I became attracted to Transport Tycoon yet again, I actually played it until times where I won't tell you.

As for my decision to stay in a Polytechnic, I still have to consider after the semester ends. You should never take decisions too lightly, as indecisiveness usually means you'll get stuck in between.

Sadly, I'm usually indecisive.
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