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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now what.

Let's start with a dream I had.


I was in this building, I couldn't remember where, but I remembered the interior of the building. I was inside there with about one or two other people whom I forgot...we were going up stairs and down stairs on grey carpeted ground. To the sides were rows of computers like in cubicles where people were there busy doing 3D MODELLING.

*End of Dream*

I guess there was more but this was all I remembered...I wonder what this omen is.

Aside from that, we shall go into the past.

Friday, 28th July 2006. Passing out parade (POP) of the next batch of band members in my ex-school band...and well I went to visit them after hurrying an assignment in which I put music into a part of a short movie clip. Some students from my batch were there, and so were some of my seniors. Mark Alphonsus Lee Fu Wen was the first guy I saw there...haha. However not really a lot of students returned...quite sad. I suppose that's because it's not our POP anyways. AND alright after that we had pizza and such and...what? Pizza? Oh so when were they able to afford that...we always had packet food last time. Fortunately as alumni we could grab as much as we wanted. All in all it was a memorable but as always, tiring day.

Back to the present, these two weeks are slightly uphill. I have to use a computer program to draw, then use my hands to draw, create thumbnails and study for a test all by tomorrow. Not that bad considering that I'm typing here now. Somehow I became attracted to Transport Tycoon yet again, I actually played it until times where I won't tell you.

As for my decision to stay in a Polytechnic, I still have to consider after the semester ends. You should never take decisions too lightly, as indecisiveness usually means you'll get stuck in between.

Sadly, I'm usually indecisive.
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