DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: June 2014


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Customary Routine.

Because sometimes, when there just isn't anything happening, then there just isn't anything to comment about. I would, but the subject matter would seem out of place here, which is more often than not an outlet for my personal rants which I'll look back in the future and laugh at the stupid things I've thought about and done. But after all, all these are integral to the development of human character and remembering how we got so far sometimes instils some nostalgia in us. Or rather, a fleeting revisit of a past to be forgotten.

Soon it will be the month of EViL again...and each time I have to be reminded to adhere to what I perceive as a voluntary state of balance between individuals. As of late, I have become more prone to internal bouts of rage, sometimes vocalised. I have become more easily irritable. I have to let myself go...

At least now I am able to oversome some of my procrastinating tendencies. Perhaps the momentum carried forward, or perhaps the what I've done in the past year has given me at least an idea of where to start. Though...creating something from nothing that I will be satisfied with...is still a challenge to myself. But since I decided I would rather take this challenge over other normal ones, I'd want to make it count.

Nothing worth noting to be mentioned further...so...till next time.

After all, time is the answer to everything.
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