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Monday, August 11, 2008

Impetuous Vacuousness

I do not know if the two words in the title can be used like this, but it basically means 'sudden emptiness'. This is what I am feeling right now. This weekend was a weekend to catch up on my sleep, as Friday was a half-school day and Monday (today) is a school holiday. Naturally I slept until approximately 1000hrs each morning, as I will return to be confined in the school every day after until 2100hrs.

I had a fair bit of work to do, of course. Not one day passes now without me doing some homework/revision/past year papers/whatever. I have gotten quite used to them already, until I finally picked them up again after slacking for much of the past three days.

In the wake of my grogginess, maybe, I have been temporarily void of schoolwork, but I was fairly shocked to realise that my 'intelligence' was reset. I forgot how to do all those questions I was doing continuously for the past two weeks. I looked at the physics paper and could only do two questions out of like, ten. Not to mention I have nearly done every single question relating to that chapter that is in my possession. Has this got something to do with my poor memory?

Another thing is that I never seem to have the time to actually go through the past chapters that I am weaker at. There are always new papers coming in, that delve on the subject on a whole, and always I cannot answer those same questions. But before I am able to check to answer them, another set of papers come in. Speed, I guess, is the factor here.

And faster does time goes as a whole, but slower while I work. It is already mid-August and I still felt I was lingering around the start of the month. Just a few days and it seems like a week, but in the background half a month has passed. What is worse, I have not even started on mathematics.

Confusion reigns, as reality does not strike me. I am still numb from the void in a corner of my brain.
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