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Friday, May 25, 2007

Laziness Carries Over.

I haven't been posting because my holidays have started, and thus I have more time to laze around. So much so that I'm too lazy to post. Maybe because it's boring anyway. There are more happenings in school, but they all take too much energy. Therefore the best way is to sleep...zzz...zzz...

I had so much rest that I had the energy to watch that Champions League Final at 0230 to 0445 hours. Of course, I woke up late the next day, at about 1130 hours.

Mind you, I don't sleep so much until I feel lethargic. However, I know I have been sleeping a lot because my mind has been generating more weird dreams lately. One, I remembered, but not totally remember, included a mix of Physics, a Building, Pokemon, and my Mom. Not a joke.

Today I had a leg checkup. The doctor said that I was okay despite that weird hip 'injury' 3-4 weeks ago. Not like it is still lingering around anymore. Fortunately it had only something to do with the muscle, not the joints.

Random#7: Blogger is better now, and I am eating a brandy-cherry dark chocolate thingy..

So, until school starts, there will be nothing special happening, I guess...

Oh yeah, I found this quote from a certain forum (can't remember which). It goes:

"Light travels faster than sound. That's why someone appears to be bright until they start to speak"

Watch your mouths, everyone.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy Times...

I wanted to type quite a bit of stuff here today, but I have to do my Geography Mindmaps that I owe for 3 weeks. Additionally, I have a darn sure-die test tomorrow. Fortunately, this is the last test for this term, and it's the last week...

this S=x+y+z thing is getting more prominent...it may have to be coupled with the Creed of EViL...

Until then, patience and forgiveness result in bliss and tranquility.
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Time can kill

Sure, after missing two Mondays of school I have homework piling up on me, which I still have no idea what to do yet. Though I have the whole Sunday to work on, I will still need some planning and figuring out what my homework is about.

That aside, we got Silver for SYF. Quite expected.

Well since I saw my friends had posted what they felt about their friends, I'll just do something like this here...

Daniel G: Haha. He's good natured, but sometimes needs to keep on mind the 'success=x+y+z' formula I told him, whereby x is work, y is play and z is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.
Also somewhat naggy when teaching. Didn't mean that, but I am being frank. Haha.

Tay Yi: One of those smart-but-lazy guys, I guess. One of the few people I know who is a truly lame person(as in attitudes). I do get lame stuff, however, so it isn't too bad.

Collin: Looks like another smart-but-lazy guy. The laziness shows much more than Tay Yi's (the fact he is always sleeping/trying to sleep in class) but he still gets better results. Also, looks like a very free-going guy...

Alan: Has fairly 'variable' feelings but looks like a genius. If he's angry he turns into Dark Alan and then STAY AWAY from him...nah that was just exaggeration. He does look smart though...

Shu Wei: Looks like a jolly guy. Well...I have no more idea how to describe him. I think he has the S=x+y+z factor...hmm.

Timothy: Haven't been in contact much lately. I guess he's quite busy now, but he is quite smart and can also balance the S=x+y+z factor. Doesn't look like it, but somehow can take a bit of lameness.

Caleb: A very jolly guy. Lately needs the z factor a bit, perhaps his class is giving him pressure. But no matter, he seems to know the most Classical here so far.

And so that's almost it...I may do others too, but I'm not close enough yet. As a mark of somebody obeying the Creed of EViL, thy shall not have enemies! Hate me, and you hate yourself, for I shall never hold a grudge against you! Well, it's my trait you see, I forget stuff after I sleep and wake up overnight...including Grudges and Mathematics. Some unfortunate parts there. So, until the next time, balance S=x+y+z! Otherwise get hunted by Dark Alan...oh wait. He doesn't hunt. Just stay away. Yeah that's right. No offence intended too.
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Friday, May 11, 2007


I just woke up after five-and-a-half-hours or sleep from 1200 to 1730. What a refreshing...'nap'. That is because my Symphony Band SYF(Singapore Youth Festival) competition started at 0830. This morning. Which meant we had to reach there about 0800. Which meant we had to leave school at 0700. Which meant we had to have last-hour practice at 0600. Which meant we had to start warming up at 0515. Which meant we had to have breakfast at 0445. Which meant we had to wake up at 0400...this morning. And that was what we exactly did.

To prevent people from getting late, we had to stay overnight in the multi-purpose room...and it was cold. Not to mention I had no pillow.

So I hardly slept, not to mention I could not really lie on my right side because of my hip, though it was better through muscle relief medicine and painkillers.

Talking about my hip, it got so bad that, well, I finally went to see a doctor, so I got a Medicial Certificate! I went in the morning on Tuesday though, so I still had to return to school after that. I had to bring my umbrella as a walking stick to walk on that day. Now that was truly lame.

Random#6: I had a blocked nose yesterday

Now, if I am not that lazy and have the time, I will try and scan and upload stuff here.., for the sake of picture-hungry people. Don't criticize my drawings though. :x I'm no good at drawing live things. Haha.
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Monday, May 07, 2007

It's back...again!

My hip is giving me headaches. Well, okay. Legaches. I can't walk to school again. Then my sister has fever. So my mother brought her to a general practicioner...I did not go because I could not walk there, and a general practicioner would not be able to do much anyway. I think I am going for an X-ray soon...I have a check up with my 'leg doctor' at the end of this month anyway(It's not that I want to call him 'leg doctor', it's just that I don't know how else to call him).

The only thing I am afraid of is that I cannot produce any medical certificate. Thereafter the school will argue with my parents and mumble jumble...In the modern Singapore, a Medical Certificate is King. Show it to your teacher/boss etc. and they will bow to you and invite you home to rest. However, if you don't have one, even though you're looking as if you're going to drop dead any minute, you'll still be asked to proceed with what you're supposed to do. I've gone through this many times. Many, many times. Well, sometimes it is sensible. Why go see a doctor, waste time, waste money, and waste your rest, when you have a fever caused by the common flu? In my past experiences, swallowing Panadol in intervals, drink lots of water, and sleep, will revive you again in at most two days.

My parents learnt this, actually. They used to be typical people who brought me to a clinic every time I fell sick, and had to take antibiotics and such. Then there was a period of time we went to Great Britian(more specifically, Southampton), because my father was posted there for a while. Okay so while I was there I fell sick, and my parents brought me to a clinic. The doctor examined me, and said, "You have common flu go home take a rest drink water something like that" and that was all. My parents asked, "no medicine?" And he said there wasn't a need for it. And so it turned out to be true. Ever since, my parents won't bring me to a clinic if I had a fever(unless it was a high fever). And thus, I think I have only gotten two medical certificates to produce for my teachers when they asked for it. The rest, which can number up to about ten more times throughout my Secondary School Life, ask my parents and my teachers.

But, I still don't know if it's just me, or the society, or my parents. What I do know, is that a medical certificate won't do anything to a painful hip.
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not another screwup?

Now what, Blogger has changed again?

My formatting box now , which is supposed to be horizontal above my typing area, is vertical. Which means it irritates the heck out of me when I'm trying to type.

Unlucky events come in groups don't they? Yesterday I waited 55 minutes for a bus(Well, actually it was 45 minutes, but it was full). Now that's just ridiculous when you see six Off-Service buses passing by in the same amount of time. Then today, we had a symphony band exchange with four other schools. And I would have said we performed horribly...perhaps we were not used to it...

Then I have to cut my hair, which I still have not done. Going to take some time to cut my hair tomorrow and then there's a Mathematics test on Monday where I don't understand anything on the two chapters they are about to test.

Fortunately, it is about to end. After this test, there's the band competition, which happens so early that we would have to be there at school at five in the morning, which means we have to stay over in school. And somehow I know a lot of people are not going to fall asleep even though they try. After that, there's another week, then it's our school's one-month break(which happens one week earlier than other schools because of some talks or something like that). Let us hope that in that month's time, I will come to discover...how to do mathematics.

So this is in general one of the more serious posts. That is because I am feeling serious. I should not feel serious! Well, maybe next time. I'll guarentee that, though.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Abstract Pain.

The pain in my hip has gotten much better now, though I had to endure 'other' means of pain before that. I couldn't go to school yesterday because I can't possibly walk down the stairs(strangely I could walk upstairs without pain) without potentially(potentially with a high potential!) falling over. Or crumbling to the ground. Or like, using crutches.

So yesterday afternoon I walked(limped) to my mother's something-instructor's house which happened to be our neighbour and he was some Chinese Practicioner or something that gave me a 90-minute massage. Well, it was in fact 90 minutes of hell. I'd say his fingers are so strong that if he poked you, you would have punctured. I would not describe that any longer as...I don't feel like anyway. Haha.

Random#5: I still haven't cut my hair. It's because I can't walk to a hair salon. Hmm...it's somewhat relevant!(non-random)

Today I did one hour of Physics. Wow something productive.

I have missed school and for the fact, my Co-Curricular Activity(CCA) which is the Symphonic Band(again) for Friday, Saturday, Monday and Today, which risks me getting a bad reputation. It's just my bad luck then, to couple my illness with my nearly-one-of-a-kind leg/hip problem. And I would have thought it was fortunate to happen on the weekends, and a public holiday.

I will need to catch up on some studies now(thus the one hour of Physics) and so, I hope I will start studying after I finish typing this(that's what my father said, so...)

So...I end my post here, before somebody gets hurt real bad, and...for those wondering, I still have no firm reason why my hip hurt. The finger-poker guy said that it is probaby due to my imbalanced(<-Strikeout)...UNbalanced leg length, thus making me usually relying one leg to stand, exerting pressure on it. In other words, it's the natural cause. Of DiViNE EViL.
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