DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: May 2006


Monday, May 22, 2006

What's wrong...

Well and so I'm full of laziness, too non-inclined to come and type...but here it is now.

Feeling so tired even though I went to sleep...something has definitely gone wrong. All those things I've thought of posting here 3 weeks ago have been forgotten. AND sometimes I still can't access this freaking page. Yes ain't that bad. If it was worse I'm not really good at stuff other than drawing and again, I'm too lazy to do much of it. However, it is necessary...and so I force my now almost dead body to get up again.

Sometimes I wonder if I had just stuck to the JC route. I have thus concluded that *confindential JC* really has done over the limit, exaggerating everything it has done. Timetables were usually up to six, food was horrible, and whatever not-meant-to-be-defamatory stuff. I had no sense to be there. I shouldn't have been there. I wonder, it could be that this experience had swept me away from this route. Come to think of it, it isn't so bad after all, and you actually do get better reputation. Okay, so I do get some good grades but what has that got to do in polytechnic anyways. I lose out to many in their original skills.

BUT again, thinking about it, it's quite equal. AND since I'm already here, might as well live with it. Sometimes I really dread mathematics. Perhaps it's the horrible past experience again. Am I so sure this time? I can't really tell. So I wonder into space what shall I do for myself. Could I do something for myself. Perhaps, it's time again.

For extra power.
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