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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nearer to Expiry

Shockingly, another two weeks have passed. My reminiscences seemed like only yesterday. My return to HK seemed like only two weeks ago. The fact is, the next two years are going to pass like that, and it's only what I do in between which will truly push me to the next level.

I seem aimless on the outside, and indeed I am, by default, in that state. A desire always glows within me, and I actually do have something to work towards. A large milestone was achieved this year, I'd agree, but there's hunger for more. But it's only my own conviction which can cause my progress. I have to produce something physical, something tangible, and there's no running away from that.

There is so much that I think I'm missing out on. Are there any time limits really? I can sit here and rue on the inadequacy of others, but that will just prove myself to be inadequate as well. As I know that is where I truly stand right now, I have to get out of this state. Even by unconventional methods. And perhaps that'll even benefit me more than if I did otherwise.

Maybe I really am unconventional. But I never felt that way, nor did I ever purposely wanted myself to be. Okay, maybe sometimes. In many ways I'm still as sane as you are. But then again, only I'll be reading this anyway. So then again it's another reminder to make myself a less useless person. Now. As soon as possible. Go.

For far too many times, history has repeated itself.
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