DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: October 2006


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Insufferable Fools.

Ah yes. I'm obsessed...with notecharts.

AND Prefix Pro...



Staring into space, in the state of Nevilinity, doing nothing. What I need to do is proceed.

Oh, and, Nevilinity is the upgraded version of 'Oblivion'.

Whereas EEv5.02 is about to start soon, I shall yet again implement new secrets available to all...

BUT now, it is now, it is this or next week, that determines my future. The power of DiViNE EViL is waning. Help is what I require, and I beg for it. I require as much support as you can give. Progress. Provide. Program. Protect. Produce. Process. Provoke. Profound. Pronounce.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I lose.

AND I am lazy.

Yes I am.

Very right.

No worries though, I'm still around unless I announce my withdrawal from blogging, which I don't know if I will ever do. There had been this stomachache that's been bothering me since last Friday, and it gives me sleepless nights, or in the case of non-sleepless nights, bad dreams.

I did not post in September, because I have always believed September is full of disasters. Majority of accidents or plane crashes or derailment or whatever happen in September, it seems to me.

Of course, that was just an excuse for my laziness which lasts for as long I have long hair, if you know what I mean.

I going to be a Singapore Citizen...yes I wasn't a Singaporean before this, I was a British National (Overseas) passport holder...but now they say I hold both until I reach a certain age where I have to give up my British passport. It would have expired anyway. Great, now that I have two passports, I have also...two Ez-link cards. Enough with that anyway.

AND so EEv5.01 is completed...and the players get to WIELD an EViL weapon at last, albeit for one(or two) battle(s). It's not until four more versions later...that it shall be completed, but not yet, since I'm still enjoying my EE break. Being a GM is hard work, especially if you have two over-enthusiastic chuggers who bug me every Saturday afternoon.

However, this will be where it ends. The rest of life where I should worry about, is currently to be worried...

until it is clear where the direction points towards.

Recede and Reprieve.
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