DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: October 2013


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Long Departed

Hm, I thought I was certain that I had already missed more than a month in between blogposts, but it seems like I can still make it before October ends. This is probably good news for me, as it attests to the relative troublelessness that is occurring right now. It's true that everything is reset, and I am no longer fazed by it.

This past year has really allowed me to adapt to what I've been shunning away from...or rather, be unfortunately shunned from. Or maybe it's just how it works here. It's a personal change...to not how other others view me physically, but how I can seem more forthcoming to them. In this society where we see each other so much more often, being initiative reduces these invisible walls amongst ourselves.

I'm not really that cold as I may seem. I could be easily flustered. I'm not always serious. Most of what I say and act depends on who is around...or rather, how comfortable I am around these people. I used to say, help me, help you. Now shall attempt to help myself help us.

I continue to lumber along a straight path, supported by people willing to support me. I willingly return the favour. As much as I can.

This second pronoun no longer refers to any specific entity.
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