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Thursday, September 01, 2005

JLam's Dictionary

These words are from me. Created by me. AND some of my friends may know some of them.


To describe a percon who says something he is not although he is.(usu. in negative way) Does not admit something he is. ~ Behaviour

Origin: From Huang Po Han, saying that he is not fat when he was(is). To say that claims he is not fat even though he is. So we described him as Pohanish.


Pronounced: Un-bin-ai-lis-tic
To describe a person who wants learners to learn his ways even though a more correct and reliable source is teaching them.

Origin: From Heng TY, dismissing the teachings that a tutor from Thailand called Mr Binai(or Pinai? doesn't matter anyway) and asking us not to listen to the tutor but listen to him. Obviously he doesn't know quite as much.


Pronounced: De-curr
To ruin something close to perfection, or ruin a perfect thing(even by a bit).

Origin: Origins from this word is...forgotten. I used it rarely about a quarter to half a year ago. I think it was used as to describe a person in a band/orchestra playing horribly, decurring the sound of the whole band/orchestra.


Pronounced: Nev-il-in-it-y
In the state of lost in thoughts while thinking/planning.

Origin: This 'word' originated from my e-mail address. The meaning was thought by me of what I sometimes do...


Pronounced: Nev-sren-it-y
Spirit to move forward with confidence and determination, never looking back.

Origin: A 'word' to propel myself forward originally, but failed as I thought 'Nevilinity' was a nicer word. I do know some Nevsrenitic people, though.


Pronounced: Fef-tic
To describe somebody who knows when to be happy, does not lose temper, has high anger tolerance, aware of how to present himself in certain circumstances, generally humble.

Origin: A nice word to desrcibe myself. I do like these types of people the best. This word originated from 'Fensic', my second mysterious language, and 'Fefingning', the capital of Iurum(and Iurus Island).
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