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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People looking for the Shadowraze map

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Monday, October 19, 2009

I touched my piano again.

It was blissful. End of story.

Okay maybe not the end, but the touch and the feel of playing those pieces I should have accomplished few years back, have transported my mind and mental being into the past, the glorious days where I contemplated those pieces with ethereal sophistication. I sadly look at my position today and thought what it might have been, again. Facebook also added this nostalgic feeling of my solitary past and the unfortunate introvertic character I have always wanted to shrug off.

Now I have requests from people I know who are extremely close, and people I don't know at all. People requesting me to create notecharts for a certain song. People requesting me to make additions and changes to my Warcraft map. Relatives requesting me to perform more popular music on piano. And myself requesting the power to do it all, and to play a decent La Campanella one of days. But I like what I'm doing. This requirement to keep those people happy, to fulfil both their requests and mine simultaneously, grants us the enjoyment that we need, despite not being a job worthy of income.

But that's what makes your life.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Shadowraze Wars v1.7c


O2mania/DJ MAX- Nightmare

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In these few months, instead of playing games, creating them are pretty fun. Especially when you will know people who appreciate them. I created a map for Warcraft III, Shadowraze Wars, early last year but it was full of bugs. A month or two back I dug it out again and improved on it. Taking suggestions from testers who didn't mind the bugs, I made this to be a stable decent minigame map. It's not that difficult really: learn to use the basic triggers in the editor, then search how to use functions on various websites. It was tiring sometimes but worth the effort. Note: Shadowraze Wars v1.8 is not created by me

Then I created several notecharts for the now-defunct O2jam, but its O2mania emulator is useful. By incorporating DJ max songs into the emulator, I constructed several notecharts (some are just for visuals, and probably impossible to play). Even though this hasn't spread yet, the important thing is that I satisfy my own goal of accomplishing the full rhythm and beat of the song.

In these weeks to come, I might just continue on this. It's amazing you can do all this all at home using one machine. But soon things have to move on. Next year shall be crucial yet again. Then I won't stop you all asking me where I'm going after my National Service. It has to be decided then.

The future is yet to arrive.
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