DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: February 2006


Friday, February 10, 2006

Now again, decided naturally.

Today was the day in which the 'O' level results were released. Forgive me if I didn't alert you earlier; i was kind of 'busy'. Don't be too happy though.

Ha, at least I got a A1...yeah, and My L1R4 (English, Music, Chemistry, Physics and E.Mathematics) totalled up to 10 points. Pretty good. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I had to include Combined Humanities, and if you were a friend of mine you'll have heard me spewing this to everyone. It was ITS fault...and I got a C...6...and L1R5 totalled to 16 which kinda suks. No, not just 'kinda'. It's really Quite, very sucky, if that's how you want to describe it. Oh well. At least my L1R4 is a respectable amount, which means I'm probably going polytechnic (SP) to study music. That's what I want to do more than all those darned JCs. For your information, I've already withdrawn from that current JC. Good Riddance.

I'm in mixed feelings right now. Actually, no. No feelings. No feelings at all. I mean, if you punch me then I'll feel it...like that. Oh well. I guess I shouldn't be how I always was. BUT I can't help it, and somehow...I return to history.

Well what else can I say. Ok, EEIV (EViL Encounter 4) has been developing really nicely. Good luck to me and all whoever who isn't the root of all EViL. Remember. YOU could be part of the root. Always.
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