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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DiViNE EViL supports good English. I'm not the only one.

Quote from WenPu:

Blogging is a good way to improve one's English. That is, if one tries his best to type in proper English.

I do not claim to speak, or write the Queen's English. But I do put in my best effort to create a post with as little English mistakes as possible.

I understand if one is lazy to type words like you, replacing it with 'u'. I do not understand useage of words such as 'miee' to replace me. Cute? No. Adorable? No. Cool? Certainly not. So why its useage?

By the way, I would hereby like to point out that HDB, SMU, NUS,AMV and the likes of it are NOT acronyms. Words like Scuba (read scho-baa) are.

If one persists to blog in sub-standard English, he will in effect be polishing his sub-standard English?

Quoted for the admiration for somebody who gets 81 for his General Paper Examination. Yes, 81 out of possible 100! Get this: I'm not even half as English-y as him (I don't study literature) and still, my argumentative essays are a measly just-pass ._. (Yet I point out a spelling error in 'usage')

I will admit though, I may be more casual in tone of typing here. Like this. (Proper sentences don't start with Like, And, or But).

If you do blog, type properly. Or do it as well as you can. It will yield results...if you do it well enough (curses at getting 8/15 for Language in Paper 2).
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I see the light.

But will I be able to reach it.

Before I am engulfed by this darkness.

Yes I am sorry for this emo-ish post. But I will have to make one solely for the event that could have changed my life for the worse...the promotional examination results.

As if you didn't already know (read the rest of my blog then), I came from a polytechnic, transferred to a Junior College. People going in the opposite direction are not that uncommon, but few have heard of a case like this. But I have to be thankful that at least I enjoy attending a JC.

As I was always, my academic incapabilities put me in danger of being in the middle of nowhere. And I think I may have just wobbled in from the edge of a cliff.

I can't be sure though, but it seems that I have fulfilled the promotion criteria, albeit barely. Scraped many passes no higher than 55%. Still, it is that consistency that I require.

Just before the examinations began I realised I may have discovered a more effective study method. And let this method be not lose its effectiveness until I have achieved and completed what I should have.

For some reason I am not overjoyed in my relief; there is still an aura of tension spreading through my proximity. However, a strong mind may be able to repel the powers of...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NPNT pics nao!

To prove that there are animals in the Dairy Farm Estate...

My father saw this bird outside our mini-gate this morning before he went to work. (Even though it's always Evening) and he took some pictures of it. It didn't fly away even when my father neared it...to be honest I haven't seen a bird like this before. In Singapore. But maybe that's just because I haven't been to the bird park. Who needs a bird park anyway...(not meant to be lame)
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Men of Unintelligence

I feel kind of guilty for not doing something that I could have possibly not done anyway.

Well I kind of caught a cold my mother passed me which I passed to her last week. This is bad, obviously, as my already-free-flowing nose starts to eject more 'tephra' (something that came to my mind about volcanoes). Anyway I woke up late this morning a saw a message sent last night about a Project Work meeting this afternoon that could only be about Oral Presentation, a major and not-so-nice part of it. Well worried as I was about this part, I couldn't really do it (transport is the key here, I can't survive on a bus when I'm not feeling well) but still considered going despite this. Imagine the bad about this 'Project Work' thing that we have to endure.

Anyway, before I did anything else, my neighbour sent a message that I wasn't going. He presumed I wasn't going anyway because I was sick. Uh...okay.

Now this is bad because I will need to prepare for my part tomorrow, possibly delaying efforts of the group. I apologize to any group members reading this now...(chances are less than 1/50 because this place is deserted)

Well, it's not too bad anyway. Staying idle for too long will cause retardation of the brain, to my experiece...or to MY brain, that is...if you don't want to sound that you feel insulted...

But sometimes we all have to face the fact. Things need constant or at least occasional lubrication to work. Now that verdigris starts forming on my brain, it's not good unless I start using it again.

Which is good now as it uses the brain to type in nice, complete sentences! Yes, that's good for your health.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Language Straining

And now what, I'm back to my brain.

Today is like...the day of Languages? I'm not all that picky usually but somehow my English and my Chinese has caught up to me...This morning in school saw me deal with extra Chinese lessons for the upcoming examination...(again?) Then...as a forum-freak I probably am, I went to my school portal and sort of did a quarter-essay which saw me type in a more serious tone than this, right here right now. Well perhaps that's because it is monitored by your teachers...and then those who set the standards before you (not as if I do a lot anyway) and the obvious absence of dot-dot-dots... ... ...

Well dot-dot-dots are useful...in a sense...like this...yeah...when you're somehow unsure about something...

I think I just found out I'm unsure with a lot of things anyway. Not that it is unusual, in my opinion.

And my true-yet-simple-but-controversial way of arguing with all kinds of topics: It all depends on every individual's opinions, and it is situational. It IS true. One day I'll use it on you and you won't like it.

Because...the Trees are Thick.

Now that was random, but it was intentional (resists temptation to put a winking smiley).
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

When Freedom makes you Idle

So you can imagine what I have been doing since the examinations. Slacking, and by a lot. In fact, I don't recall doing anything remotely useful to myself...except resuming my piano lessons and trying to remember all those pieces that seemed so new after not even looking at them for approximately two months. In fact, this wasn't how I imagined to be after the examinations...

Yeah, so after examinations you don't really have to study immediately (barring Chinese) but then, you feel like there's nothing much to do. I've dropped many games I've played just for studying, and now I can't find the will to commit myself to them...Furthermore, until my fingers thaw out I won't be able to play the piano for more then one hour continuously because my fingers are so stiff. Strangely, the EViL aura still lingers...

But no sane person will study NOW, well alright perhaps it's always wise to follow the 'Eternal Learning' pathway but nobody would have the will to do it. This is what makes examinations abhorred by students worldwide. Before examinations, students get stressed up; during examinations, students have to cope with the different subjects that cascade down on them repeatedly; and after examinations, when students are finally free, they realise that they have so much time, and would rather use that time constructively in studying. Otherwise they would become idle and not exhibit the 'constant learning' method of learning new topics.

This is blasphemy, blasphemy I say. (I'm not into religion, for your information)
[Original version has blasphemy replaced by another 'B' word]

As for now, my inspiration is waning, as is the aftereffect of being idle. Until I find something more interesting, it shall end.
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