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Thursday, October 11, 2007

When Freedom makes you Idle

So you can imagine what I have been doing since the examinations. Slacking, and by a lot. In fact, I don't recall doing anything remotely useful to myself...except resuming my piano lessons and trying to remember all those pieces that seemed so new after not even looking at them for approximately two months. In fact, this wasn't how I imagined to be after the examinations...

Yeah, so after examinations you don't really have to study immediately (barring Chinese) but then, you feel like there's nothing much to do. I've dropped many games I've played just for studying, and now I can't find the will to commit myself to them...Furthermore, until my fingers thaw out I won't be able to play the piano for more then one hour continuously because my fingers are so stiff. Strangely, the EViL aura still lingers...

But no sane person will study NOW, well alright perhaps it's always wise to follow the 'Eternal Learning' pathway but nobody would have the will to do it. This is what makes examinations abhorred by students worldwide. Before examinations, students get stressed up; during examinations, students have to cope with the different subjects that cascade down on them repeatedly; and after examinations, when students are finally free, they realise that they have so much time, and would rather use that time constructively in studying. Otherwise they would become idle and not exhibit the 'constant learning' method of learning new topics.

This is blasphemy, blasphemy I say. (I'm not into religion, for your information)
[Original version has blasphemy replaced by another 'B' word]

As for now, my inspiration is waning, as is the aftereffect of being idle. Until I find something more interesting, it shall end.
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