DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: February 2010


Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just a few hours ago, I had four MSN message windows open at the same time, belonging to the four major groups of people I've known. One, is my neighbour and his friends. Two, my secondary school friend. Three, My JC friend, and lastly, my Army friends (or comrades/colleagues/whatever). And I didn't start any of these conversations. I just found it pretty coincidential, if you can call that, but it certainly gives you a feeling of history and the passing of time through the phases of your life.

Now for reasons I prefer not to state is a controversial stage in life. But I guess it's a situation we all have to deal with someday. It depends how we cope with it. And events such as these require more energy from our subconsciousness to maintain our personal relations with others. To suddenly open our eyes into the wide bright light is difficult and painful. But even we will soon get used to it.

And two months of this new year has passed. Only a fraction remains before it is all over.
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