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Monday, October 20, 2014

Unemphatic Opinions

I would have thought I had a lot of opinions to give regarding recent events. However, even I must be careful about venturing too far into the hivemind of ignorance. After all, it has been a known weakness of humans. People know how it has been, how it was like, but precendents don't mean much to people in the present. They will only know if they experience it themselves.

I don't blame them. I understand their plight. But they themselves had better understand what they themselves are doing. From the beginning of fighting for their cause until this current moment, the situation has changed, and, perhaps unknowingly to them, the effect, cause, and support has gone along with it. Sometimes not for the better.

What I feel I have to address is the 'strategy' of riling up other's emotions and impulsive tendencies to convince them to go against a certain group of people. The people doing it are desperate, possibly despicable, when they deliberately alter or conceal facts that would explain the situation. However, the idiots are the ones who blindly follow them, falling into the trap. It's like finding yourself in a group of soldiers marching into battle, and when they do their battle cry, you feel like you belong with them and follow their cause. Only except you don't know who you're fighting, and what you're fighting for. You may have a rough ideas by asking the soldiers themselves. But you don't know, until you know where you are, and what you are doing. You have to go up to the commander and understand yourself, then decide whether it's within your principles.

And then there are those just there for their own personal gain, or to create more chaos for the sake of doing so, or for other reasons in which chaos would be beneficial to their cause. Supporters of chaotic situations are even worse. They're doing what is necessary, what is required for society to progress, in the name of their cause. But then we've also seen this used in a much larger scale, comprising of people all over the world. In the name of your cause. Right.

Others understand your situation. However, it's obvious they're not going to interfere directly. There are those who are naive enough to think that this treatment is the worst that can happen to them, that is undeserving in a first-world country. It would be even unsurprising if something worse really happens, and that they will still get the short end of the stick in the end. Then they can argue they've been mistreated, but nobody is going to save them. Perhaps your cause benefits the next generation. Is it really worth it then?

I had thought people were intelligent and independent enough to decide for themselves, but after gathering the opinions of these people first-hand, they were less sure than I thought they would be. Just three days of reading up on the background, and weighing in all the stances (and conspiracy theories) has led me to think that I already know more than most of the people actually out there. They are not driven by reason, but by cause.

But then again, both parties have their idiotic traits. Those that are desperate to downplay the situation, making themselves look like money-grabbing fools. Those that speak prematurely, causing them to be the target of even more dislike. Those whose fuses have burnt out, causing people to judge their misguided actions. It is difficult for humans, yes, but we caused this on our own.

If only people would be more forgiving. However, as I come to discover this world more, the more extreme I have seen people become. The entire opposite of what they are supposed to embody. The sins incarnated into a shell of skin. I had underestimated the power of EViL.

There's a good side to everyone, I believe. There's still hope for some people in how they live. But for now, I'll just have to observe more. Some people just can't differentiate oppression with control, and it's amusing when that happens.

But when something amusing happens in a large scale, it isn't anymore.

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