DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: July 2010


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well, who needs blogs anyway...

...when there is Facebook.

Seriously, the time for blogs are over. People now prefer the shorter, more succinct and less cumbersome method of sharing their thoughts and experiences, via a short phrase, a series of messages, without having to sift through a wall of text like this one right here.

It has become a chore for some, and people just don't have enough time to read blogs anymore. Facebook is the way to go for instant updates, link sharing, and whatever not because whatever YOU do can be instantly seen by others, instead of them having to come to your page to see what's happening to you. And even so, Facebook can do what a blog can, and better.

And thus my purpose here is to justify my shift as well. As lazy as I am, as you all know, there is also no real aim to post here, as probably nobody comes here to read anymore anyway. The last update in that chat box there is last year. I will only return here, to reminisce in my ruined past, the truth about my history of decisions, and the downfall of wasted potential. Frankly, it's a history I don't really like to revisit. And thus, I leave my EViLness behind. There should be an annual retake of the World of EViL, but as for now, the old one still stands just as well.

Whatever is left behind doesn't mean it never existed. A forgotten past only yields greater sorrow when unanimously revisited. But the past will inevitably be left behind. And it is the present which takes us into the unknown future, defined by our own decisions. But sometimes, even the most perfect of decisions can be disrupted by a power. A negative power others harbour; what they unknowingly do to attempt to make themselves seem superior to others. A power that destroys more than create; which hurts more than it heals. A power that, if its revelation is subject to an individual which can manipulate its benefits, causes the human race to be enlightened. A power that, if only all of our kind would come into terms of realisation with it, will not solve all the problems that exist in this world, but actually prevent their appearance. This power that I have forsaken just to shed my deteriorating past.

The power of DiViNE EViL.
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