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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unsuitable Leader

I can't do things myself and I don't think I can ever do, nor do I like it as well. I'd prefer to be the one supporting the leader, the right-hand man. Now, being alone is just going to put all my years of inexperience to the test right away. Obviously, it will fail.

After all is said and done, the days drone on as usual, emitting an aura of foreboding. Fortunately there is an end to this. However, that end is still quite far away, and even after that I'm unsure where to go. Or perhaps, I'm sure where I want to go but I'm unsure if I'm actually allowed in. And the pass that I have to earn to be allowed is restricted by the shackles that bind me these two years.

At least the ctrl-bug will not bother me evermore. With my new laptop, much to the neutrality of my father, I can do many more things without having the urge to shatter the computer onto the floor. I don't know how my father can ignore the fact my mother and sister are struggling with computers that take 5 minutes to start up, lock up on you, shut themselves down, self-disabling keyboards etc. The reason I don't let them use my computer is because my sister's sweaty palms have been known to damage keyboards, and my mother's obvliviousness to spam e-mail have seen virus infecting our old computers. I would otherwise allow them to use, if they are just checking something that won't take a long while.

I don't know if there are even enough memoriable events for me to post every month. The past four months have passed rapidly without progress. It is time for me to improve myself, ever so slowly.

The end shall unknowingly arrive, in sudden fashion.
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