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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Late.

Well, I missed the exact date yesterday. It's not as if I have to revise or reiterate my viewpoints anyway. But I still have to acknowledge and stand by what I've believed and naturally will act as.

But it indeed is getting more difficult. Challengers from different aspects and forms have attempted to destabilize these principles, and increasingly so. Or perhaps it's just that I've been exposed to what really happens out there. The ignorant minds of the lower-class masses, the greed and exploitation of the elitists, the warped system altered and tuned over time to accommodate loopholes. Perhaps even some aspects of me fit into these descriptions. But so far, most of the people I know personally, at least, have some sort of common sense in what they see in the world.

However, with the modern exposure of social media, you know they're out there. The ones who have no basis voicing out every little inconvenience they experience. The ones wanting all the advantages and believe that they deserve them. The ones who only care about themselves not considering how much effort is already put in for them to be able to sustain their lifestyle. The ones who speak loudest deserve the least. Sometimes you recognise those few nutcases even, and watch as they argue every single point against the overwhelming objections. I don't think I'd like to bother. But somehow, that has become the standard among the people. That they overestimate their abilites and contribution, and in return, expect and demand more than what they earned. Unwilling to contribute to the progress of others or to the community as a whole. People who think they've seen everything, they're all grown up, and have a say and have a point to pick with every unsatisfactory thing they see.

Funnily enough, if you actually meet these people in person, usually they're really warm and forthcoming. That is, if you're a common friend to them. Just don't deviate on the topic where they might start rambling off about things they want to change. However, that's not how it works on the Internet. And 50% of what you see on the Internet is probably false. Roused up by misinformation, selective reading, in addition to innate bias, people voice out agitatedly and impulsively, causing similar responses with other like-minded people (and those who are inclined to oppose and argue against them), creating a vicious cycle. And it's actually easier to come off more emotionally charged through text, as it is easier to curse and condemn without immediate retaliation. It also takes more conviction to say something rather than typing it (as I'll definitely know myself). Not to mention, tone and facial expressions while conveying a message can highly impact the real meaning of it, and that would be missing in a typed comment.

But somehow, I don't think I've ever known anyone in person who is like that. How is that so? Perhaps because most people I've known actually had some decent education? I don't want to come off condescending myself, but I think there's some sort of correlation here. Some of them sit on the fence, and some of them perhaps support some sort of cause, but I've never seen any being mindlessly fervent or vocal. Or at least doing so on the Internet. Sometimes I wonder how can some people's minds be so warped, and how can they be so blind. But perhaps I am too, in certain aspects that I haven't thought of.

But it's not as if I can change them anyway. For now, it'll be too much to ask for to hope for people to show more kindness to each other. Let's just hope it doesn't deteriorate. Realize the joy of life. After all, nobody can predict how the fairness of judgement and luck can fall upon people and change their character, lives, and future for others, for better or worse.

It's the power of Divine Evil.

Even so, appreciating the joy of life is actually dependant on not acknowledging the appreciation in the first place.
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