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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relentless Curiosities

I thought it was all over. My mind and soul were back to where it once was. I was peaceful and carefree yet again. I had recovered. And yet, all these curiosities happen...situations most unthinkable and unimaginable...making me stumble upon my previously simple thoughts of straightforwardness. For it is indeed curious...how things are destined to be unreachable no matter how much effort you try to save it...only for it to disappear, and return back from the nether dimensions where you thought all was lost.

I am still mostly unfazed, however. But I am still forced to eat my words a little bit. One experience has taught me a lot I needed to know. I know how to deal with it, but otherwise..? Not so. For the fact nothing progressed more than just a little on the surface. Coupled with my inherent conservativeness, I will be kept in the dark to what others really mean. If not with the help of others, I would not have noticed the progressing interactions between others anyway. Am I still really that slow on the uptake? I really think I am. Perhaps being oblivious was my forte anyway. I might have a lot of other things to work on these days, but even I know that's not a lot compared to the maximum output. I'm caught between minds, succumbing to laziness, and I guess I will require a wake-up call. Provided none are heading my way, which I doubt, anyway. I repeatedly forget what I'm here for. Stop all the comparison with others, and live up to my own expectations.

Great, you had me thinking again. Does my history really mean nothing to you? I can imagine the adversity of such a situation to those who are easily swayed. I would have too, half a year ago. So what makes you think it's alright for me now? Though I do not know how and what you have gone through, it really makes me wonder again...if I didn't have more life-changing things to be bothered about. So when the eye of the storm drifts over my head in a momentary period of tranquility, what then?

Time will tell...just as much as it had concealed.
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