DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: March 2007


Friday, March 30, 2007

Holey shoot! It's TORTURETIME

And that's only Physical Education! Well that was on tuesday but the aftereffects would still last... Anyways, here's what happenned...first I was supposed to buy a Graphic Calculator but I forgot to bring the cheque...and no nut would bring an extra $190 in his/her wallet (actually nuts would anyway). So during the long break before my Physical Education (PE) lesson, I took a bus home, and for time-saving and convinience, cycled back to school. It wasn't really difficult...until PE arrived. So we ran three laps for warm-up. That's like saying, I do homework to prepare for revision. Anyways, we had to carry a fricking big bench and run around the track once. There was to be five people per bench, but our group was left with four because you can't divide 29 by 5...and our good 'strong' group started to um...walk, because you really can't run with a bench held above you without colliding into others holding the bench too. In fact, I knew they were strong because in the end only three people were carrying the bench considering the fact my arms are like Tyrannosaurus Rex's. Then we had to jump over the benches(I did it 18 times), carry the benches around and stuff...and at the end, do another round with the bench. This time I wasn't slacking because I used my head....literally. It's the strongest part of the body anyway...I suppose.
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...continued from above

If that wasn't bad enough, I had to cycle back home with and exceptionally big schoolbag because of my 100-liek pound calculator and uniform. AND it was raining! I had to catch my breath beside the main road halfway home...and when I reached home I had a horrible leg cramp. It was so horrible that I went to sleep. Er, I mean, that even sleeping didn't really make it feel any better and thus, I was stuck with chest and leg pains for the rest of the week! Yay! And not to mention, I'm having this EVERY DARNG WEEK. Hope it'll be different next week...and for now, I'd better stop, or else Blogger will give me some stupid error because my post is too long for them to process.

Hope you won't be as tortured. It's still a division of EViL.
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Declaration of EViL.

Derived from the 'Summation of EViL', I hereby present, The Declaration of EViL, v1.0.

We, vile creatures of Mankind, acknowlege our weaknesses as over-intelligent beings. We shall abolish this EViLattitude and focus on giving all of Mankind the joy of life. Thus we shall understand, the virtue of patience,humility, unselfishness, optimism, flexibility, and high tolerance, for Mankind does not discover the futurewithout the help of time, which is affected now on our attitutes towards others, to change their futures and lives,for better, not worse.

Good Evening and Good Future.
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A new phase in life

A newspaper article on an ex-classmate triggers me to search about him. And now I realize, how sad it is to not get closer to them then. I do now remember the days...it's still sad, now that I'm still stuck with nothing yet. They had their dreams at the start, and I had a few uncertain ones...that weren't strong enough. I almost never have pictures of myself. And I wonder, I would be like one of the few they would not remember. Even my closest friends have their own lives, ah, oh well. And everytime I camp at home damning myself.

No, I'm not emo, as what they call it, and I'll never be.

I have nothing to say of myself. I have no idea what. I lose everything. And I still don't care. I said I will, but will I ever? This is the power of DiViNE EViL. The state of Nevilinity. Abort this altogether, and live an open life. From the start of this new phase of my life, I'm going to attempt this. And if it succeeds, I won't regret.

Now what I require is the strength.
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I do not post like how you all happy-go-lucky people do. My blog doesn't deal with events. It deals with aftereffects and concequences. Well, perhaps that's why it isn't really that popular. But, that's not what this is all about. It's not how I want others to see me as. This is the way I like it, and it expresses myself the most. And when sometimes I make long posts, those are usually the more important ones that affect me. And they can't be posted because of some really, really stupid problem that has been bugging me since you've seen me hollering around the lower parts of the page.
Well, less to the unhappy parts. It's orientation 2, and...it's about the same as the first, I guess, except it's much more rushed. Everything from five days is squashed into two and a half. The whole thing this time lasts only four days, with the last day on a Saturday...while one and a half days are allocated to some leadership training cost that cost me over forty dollars. I wonder what's so professional about this that charges so much. Anyways, I'm back into group 21 after some...negotiation. It wasn't even negotiation actually, it was a mutual agreement between some groups...ah don't worry if you don't understand. While all this new stuff is going on, I hope people realise that the "canteen stall in the middle;", isn't a stall at all. It must be the most famous canteen stall in our school...or should I say, infamous. No more into that, since I haven't experienced it myself. Otherwise, I may not be typing here anyways.
Over to Orientation2 proper, it's actually quite...energetic. Tiring, yes, but the people are as good as those in O1, albeit slightly uneasy due to the low rate of interaction (and the time given). And there's not much time left too. I doubt many people can make it on Saturday, since I intially couldn't too. Even one of my close friends can't, he needs to attend church or something similar...
Interesting, as I feel, ever since this, I have felt more outgoing, and since I haven't anything to do at night, I might as well sleep earlier. I will need the energy anyway. Power will be important. And control for it is often lethal.
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The post that I couldn't post II, part II

Then as early evening arrived, we went to have some open-air outside barbeque in which we actually had to pay five dollars each for that stuff. KF didn't pay at all, and he ate 10 Chicken wings, 10 satay sticks(not the wooden sticks), about 3 sausages, 2 marshmallows, and 3 plates of Bee Hoon. I must say, now that's what you call value for money...I guess nobody else ate that much, not to mention there wasn't much to start with anyway. However, mysteriously, there was still some food from other groups remaining...
And after that we did some recapitulation of our Orientation...and shouted myself nearly hoarse. This is only the third time I can recall shouting that much. And anyway, the other two times were just because I was stressed and went sort of berserk.
So I guess, it's another post talking about stuff...what it was, it was, a
Good Evening.
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The post I couldn't post II

I'm exhausted.

Well, that's because I played lots of soccer, ran many rounds around the track, took 3 tests, shouted myself hoarse and typed in a computer...all in only Four Days. I reckon I haven't done so much in such a short time period before. Well at least I had more than 7 hours of sleep every night in preparation for these activities.
As for today, we had some barbequing of something we didn't know before these 4 days in the evening, so we stayed back after the official school hour. My class was making a pig out of little plastic bottles, and the Class Manager was sticking them behind people's backs. That's what you can usually expect from him. After that we slacked around and I was really tired then and slept in the classroom where they were constructing that pig. Not to worry, that was after the official school hour. Then we went to what my ex-school would call the 'Student's Lounge', the 'Sanctuary'. In this 'Sanctuary' of a size slightly bigger than my study room, I was amazed how many things could be fit in there. Myself included. It didn't look relatively crowded...quite difficult to explain. My classmate there KF (initials) was pwning haxx0rx people in Chinese Chess...he won 10 games there...and 3 of them lasted 4 minutes. As in, 3 matches in 4 minutes. I was there to watch it happen. The poor defending player had almost no other choice to move his pieces because his King was perpetually in check. KF then proceeded to wipe out nearly all the opponent's pieces...
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The post that I couldn't post I, part II

Then the bus trundled on...and it came to the cross junction of four big main roads with different names all from different districts...so naturally, there's chaos. There's ChoaChuKangRoad(CCK for short) to my left, BukitPanjangRoad(BP) to my right, Woodlands Road ahead, and I was on UpperBukitTimahRoad(UppBT). Well theoretically I was on a bus. Which produces blue tickets. The bus is supposed to travel ahead. However, CCKRoad is jammed as it always does in the morning peak. So vehicles going towards CCK will keep to the left and jam the left lane of UppBT Road too. Usually a smart driver will manoeuvre to the middle lane and proceed forwards but this one was petrified on the left lane...
Alright so many moments later the vehicles shift forward after seeing 3 green lights come and go. So finally we are going to cross over to Woodlands Road! Right? Of course it's not so straightforward. The red lights arrived again...and we watch as cars crawl over from BP Road to CCK Road. I was thinking to myself, I just have to wait a little while more, and I'll finally get off the bus and to school. The green lights arrived...but no! We were not moving because some Tar Idiots perched their Limousines in the Great Yellow Box of Fine$1000. And of course the cars on UppBT Road blasted their horns at them but couldn't do anything else unless you could trigger their airbags. So we waited again.
And, when I finally reached my destination I still had to walk. The distance of 3 bus stops, mind you. However, the rest of the day was fairly boring. We got our timetable are yeah, blah blah...
Now, I know what's the obstacle. It's the guy sitting on my left(back facing me) now. He's called my father and he's a father that people wish they didn't have one similar. Anything that is related to the computer=time wasting. Ah, if only a little more time could be freed.
Time's the culprit.
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The post that I couldn't post I

Thanks to an Orientation Groupmate in my current school, I think I have found the will to write. Or type. Only if time and eh, my memory lets me, that is...
Well I do have some crazy dreams stashed in my drawer (written down, that is), and if I find them and if I read them again and not think I'm crazy then I'll post them here. Don't worry they're just dreams.
A little chat with my friend here results in this confession:
'You see posts from Jan1 2006 are there for the sake of saying "MY BLOG IS NOT DEAD"'
And it isn't.
However, it isn't alive either.

BUt NOw iT shALl rEOpeN IntO A nEW Era oF EViL!!!
I hope.
So let's start.
Describe today.
I went to school. Uh-huh. I paid in cash for the bus trip because the ez-link card went crazy and said "Pay Cash GO TO TSO"(Transitlink Office) and the machine issued a blue ticket. A BLUE ticket! I mean, how often do you see a BLUE Ticket!?2 Well it was my first time and I'm overreacting because I only realised that the ticket was blue at noon when the ticket was all crumpled up.
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Darn it

Darn it Blogger let me post!
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