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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The post that I couldn't post I, part II

Then the bus trundled on...and it came to the cross junction of four big main roads with different names all from different districts...so naturally, there's chaos. There's ChoaChuKangRoad(CCK for short) to my left, BukitPanjangRoad(BP) to my right, Woodlands Road ahead, and I was on UpperBukitTimahRoad(UppBT). Well theoretically I was on a bus. Which produces blue tickets. The bus is supposed to travel ahead. However, CCKRoad is jammed as it always does in the morning peak. So vehicles going towards CCK will keep to the left and jam the left lane of UppBT Road too. Usually a smart driver will manoeuvre to the middle lane and proceed forwards but this one was petrified on the left lane...
Alright so many moments later the vehicles shift forward after seeing 3 green lights come and go. So finally we are going to cross over to Woodlands Road! Right? Of course it's not so straightforward. The red lights arrived again...and we watch as cars crawl over from BP Road to CCK Road. I was thinking to myself, I just have to wait a little while more, and I'll finally get off the bus and to school. The green lights arrived...but no! We were not moving because some Tar Idiots perched their Limousines in the Great Yellow Box of Fine$1000. And of course the cars on UppBT Road blasted their horns at them but couldn't do anything else unless you could trigger their airbags. So we waited again.
And, when I finally reached my destination I still had to walk. The distance of 3 bus stops, mind you. However, the rest of the day was fairly boring. We got our timetable are yeah, blah blah...
Now, I know what's the obstacle. It's the guy sitting on my left(back facing me) now. He's called my father and he's a father that people wish they didn't have one similar. Anything that is related to the computer=time wasting. Ah, if only a little more time could be freed.
Time's the culprit.
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