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Friday, March 30, 2007

Holey shoot! It's TORTURETIME

And that's only Physical Education! Well that was on tuesday but the aftereffects would still last... Anyways, here's what happenned...first I was supposed to buy a Graphic Calculator but I forgot to bring the cheque...and no nut would bring an extra $190 in his/her wallet (actually nuts would anyway). So during the long break before my Physical Education (PE) lesson, I took a bus home, and for time-saving and convinience, cycled back to school. It wasn't really difficult...until PE arrived. So we ran three laps for warm-up. That's like saying, I do homework to prepare for revision. Anyways, we had to carry a fricking big bench and run around the track once. There was to be five people per bench, but our group was left with four because you can't divide 29 by 5...and our good 'strong' group started to um...walk, because you really can't run with a bench held above you without colliding into others holding the bench too. In fact, I knew they were strong because in the end only three people were carrying the bench considering the fact my arms are like Tyrannosaurus Rex's. Then we had to jump over the benches(I did it 18 times), carry the benches around and stuff...and at the end, do another round with the bench. This time I wasn't slacking because I used my head....literally. It's the strongest part of the body anyway...I suppose.
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