Thursday, March 22, 2007

I do not post like how you all happy-go-lucky people do. My blog doesn't deal with events. It deals with aftereffects and concequences. Well, perhaps that's why it isn't really that popular. But, that's not what this is all about. It's not how I want others to see me as. This is the way I like it, and it expresses myself the most. And when sometimes I make long posts, those are usually the more important ones that affect me. And they can't be posted because of some really, really stupid problem that has been bugging me since you've seen me hollering around the lower parts of the page.
Well, less to the unhappy parts. It's orientation 2, and...it's about the same as the first, I guess, except it's much more rushed. Everything from five days is squashed into two and a half. The whole thing this time lasts only four days, with the last day on a Saturday...while one and a half days are allocated to some leadership training cost that cost me over forty dollars. I wonder what's so professional about this that charges so much. Anyways, I'm back into group 21 after some...negotiation. It wasn't even negotiation actually, it was a mutual agreement between some groups...ah don't worry if you don't understand. While all this new stuff is going on, I hope people realise that the "canteen stall in the middle;", isn't a stall at all. It must be the most famous canteen stall in our school...or should I say, infamous. No more into that, since I haven't experienced it myself. Otherwise, I may not be typing here anyways.
Over to Orientation2 proper, it's actually quite...energetic. Tiring, yes, but the people are as good as those in O1, albeit slightly uneasy due to the low rate of interaction (and the time given). And there's not much time left too. I doubt many people can make it on Saturday, since I intially couldn't too. Even one of my close friends can't, he needs to attend church or something similar...
Interesting, as I feel, ever since this, I have felt more outgoing, and since I haven't anything to do at night, I might as well sleep earlier. I will need the energy anyway. Power will be important. And control for it is often lethal.
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