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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A new phase in life

A newspaper article on an ex-classmate triggers me to search about him. And now I realize, how sad it is to not get closer to them then. I do now remember the days...it's still sad, now that I'm still stuck with nothing yet. They had their dreams at the start, and I had a few uncertain ones...that weren't strong enough. I almost never have pictures of myself. And I wonder, I would be like one of the few they would not remember. Even my closest friends have their own lives, ah, oh well. And everytime I camp at home damning myself.

No, I'm not emo, as what they call it, and I'll never be.

I have nothing to say of myself. I have no idea what. I lose everything. And I still don't care. I said I will, but will I ever? This is the power of DiViNE EViL. The state of Nevilinity. Abort this altogether, and live an open life. From the start of this new phase of my life, I'm going to attempt this. And if it succeeds, I won't regret.

Now what I require is the strength.
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