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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The post that I couldn't post I

Thanks to an Orientation Groupmate in my current school, I think I have found the will to write. Or type. Only if time and eh, my memory lets me, that is...
Well I do have some crazy dreams stashed in my drawer (written down, that is), and if I find them and if I read them again and not think I'm crazy then I'll post them here. Don't worry they're just dreams.
A little chat with my friend here results in this confession:
'You see posts from Jan1 2006 are there for the sake of saying "MY BLOG IS NOT DEAD"'
And it isn't.
However, it isn't alive either.

BUt NOw iT shALl rEOpeN IntO A nEW Era oF EViL!!!
I hope.
So let's start.
Describe today.
I went to school. Uh-huh. I paid in cash for the bus trip because the ez-link card went crazy and said "Pay Cash GO TO TSO"(Transitlink Office) and the machine issued a blue ticket. A BLUE ticket! I mean, how often do you see a BLUE Ticket!?2 Well it was my first time and I'm overreacting because I only realised that the ticket was blue at noon when the ticket was all crumpled up.
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