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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The post I couldn't post II

I'm exhausted.

Well, that's because I played lots of soccer, ran many rounds around the track, took 3 tests, shouted myself hoarse and typed in a computer...all in only Four Days. I reckon I haven't done so much in such a short time period before. Well at least I had more than 7 hours of sleep every night in preparation for these activities.
As for today, we had some barbequing of something we didn't know before these 4 days in the evening, so we stayed back after the official school hour. My class was making a pig out of little plastic bottles, and the Class Manager was sticking them behind people's backs. That's what you can usually expect from him. After that we slacked around and I was really tired then and slept in the classroom where they were constructing that pig. Not to worry, that was after the official school hour. Then we went to what my ex-school would call the 'Student's Lounge', the 'Sanctuary'. In this 'Sanctuary' of a size slightly bigger than my study room, I was amazed how many things could be fit in there. Myself included. It didn't look relatively crowded...quite difficult to explain. My classmate there KF (initials) was pwning haxx0rx people in Chinese Chess...he won 10 games there...and 3 of them lasted 4 minutes. As in, 3 matches in 4 minutes. I was there to watch it happen. The poor defending player had almost no other choice to move his pieces because his King was perpetually in check. KF then proceeded to wipe out nearly all the opponent's pieces...
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