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Monday, October 15, 2007

Men of Unintelligence

I feel kind of guilty for not doing something that I could have possibly not done anyway.

Well I kind of caught a cold my mother passed me which I passed to her last week. This is bad, obviously, as my already-free-flowing nose starts to eject more 'tephra' (something that came to my mind about volcanoes). Anyway I woke up late this morning a saw a message sent last night about a Project Work meeting this afternoon that could only be about Oral Presentation, a major and not-so-nice part of it. Well worried as I was about this part, I couldn't really do it (transport is the key here, I can't survive on a bus when I'm not feeling well) but still considered going despite this. Imagine the bad about this 'Project Work' thing that we have to endure.

Anyway, before I did anything else, my neighbour sent a message that I wasn't going. He presumed I wasn't going anyway because I was sick. Uh...okay.

Now this is bad because I will need to prepare for my part tomorrow, possibly delaying efforts of the group. I apologize to any group members reading this now...(chances are less than 1/50 because this place is deserted)

Well, it's not too bad anyway. Staying idle for too long will cause retardation of the brain, to my experiece...or to MY brain, that is...if you don't want to sound that you feel insulted...

But sometimes we all have to face the fact. Things need constant or at least occasional lubrication to work. Now that verdigris starts forming on my brain, it's not good unless I start using it again.

Which is good now as it uses the brain to type in nice, complete sentences! Yes, that's good for your health.
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