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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I see the light.

But will I be able to reach it.

Before I am engulfed by this darkness.

Yes I am sorry for this emo-ish post. But I will have to make one solely for the event that could have changed my life for the worse...the promotional examination results.

As if you didn't already know (read the rest of my blog then), I came from a polytechnic, transferred to a Junior College. People going in the opposite direction are not that uncommon, but few have heard of a case like this. But I have to be thankful that at least I enjoy attending a JC.

As I was always, my academic incapabilities put me in danger of being in the middle of nowhere. And I think I may have just wobbled in from the edge of a cliff.

I can't be sure though, but it seems that I have fulfilled the promotion criteria, albeit barely. Scraped many passes no higher than 55%. Still, it is that consistency that I require.

Just before the examinations began I realised I may have discovered a more effective study method. And let this method be not lose its effectiveness until I have achieved and completed what I should have.

For some reason I am not overjoyed in my relief; there is still an aura of tension spreading through my proximity. However, a strong mind may be able to repel the powers of...

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