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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DiViNE EViL supports good English. I'm not the only one.

Quote from WenPu:

Blogging is a good way to improve one's English. That is, if one tries his best to type in proper English.

I do not claim to speak, or write the Queen's English. But I do put in my best effort to create a post with as little English mistakes as possible.

I understand if one is lazy to type words like you, replacing it with 'u'. I do not understand useage of words such as 'miee' to replace me. Cute? No. Adorable? No. Cool? Certainly not. So why its useage?

By the way, I would hereby like to point out that HDB, SMU, NUS,AMV and the likes of it are NOT acronyms. Words like Scuba (read scho-baa) are.

If one persists to blog in sub-standard English, he will in effect be polishing his sub-standard English?

Quoted for the admiration for somebody who gets 81 for his General Paper Examination. Yes, 81 out of possible 100! Get this: I'm not even half as English-y as him (I don't study literature) and still, my argumentative essays are a measly just-pass ._. (Yet I point out a spelling error in 'usage')

I will admit though, I may be more casual in tone of typing here. Like this. (Proper sentences don't start with Like, And, or But).

If you do blog, type properly. Or do it as well as you can. It will yield results...if you do it well enough (curses at getting 8/15 for Language in Paper 2).
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