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Friday, October 12, 2007

Language Straining

And now what, I'm back to my brain.

Today is like...the day of Languages? I'm not all that picky usually but somehow my English and my Chinese has caught up to me...This morning in school saw me deal with extra Chinese lessons for the upcoming examination...(again?) Then...as a forum-freak I probably am, I went to my school portal and sort of did a quarter-essay which saw me type in a more serious tone than this, right here right now. Well perhaps that's because it is monitored by your teachers...and then those who set the standards before you (not as if I do a lot anyway) and the obvious absence of dot-dot-dots... ... ...

Well dot-dot-dots are useful...in a sense...like this...yeah...when you're somehow unsure about something...

I think I just found out I'm unsure with a lot of things anyway. Not that it is unusual, in my opinion.

And my true-yet-simple-but-controversial way of arguing with all kinds of topics: It all depends on every individual's opinions, and it is situational. It IS true. One day I'll use it on you and you won't like it.

Because...the Trees are Thick.

Now that was random, but it was intentional (resists temptation to put a winking smiley).
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