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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Time can kill

Sure, after missing two Mondays of school I have homework piling up on me, which I still have no idea what to do yet. Though I have the whole Sunday to work on, I will still need some planning and figuring out what my homework is about.

That aside, we got Silver for SYF. Quite expected.

Well since I saw my friends had posted what they felt about their friends, I'll just do something like this here...

Daniel G: Haha. He's good natured, but sometimes needs to keep on mind the 'success=x+y+z' formula I told him, whereby x is work, y is play and z is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.
Also somewhat naggy when teaching. Didn't mean that, but I am being frank. Haha.

Tay Yi: One of those smart-but-lazy guys, I guess. One of the few people I know who is a truly lame person(as in attitudes). I do get lame stuff, however, so it isn't too bad.

Collin: Looks like another smart-but-lazy guy. The laziness shows much more than Tay Yi's (the fact he is always sleeping/trying to sleep in class) but he still gets better results. Also, looks like a very free-going guy...

Alan: Has fairly 'variable' feelings but looks like a genius. If he's angry he turns into Dark Alan and then STAY AWAY from him...nah that was just exaggeration. He does look smart though...

Shu Wei: Looks like a jolly guy. Well...I have no more idea how to describe him. I think he has the S=x+y+z factor...hmm.

Timothy: Haven't been in contact much lately. I guess he's quite busy now, but he is quite smart and can also balance the S=x+y+z factor. Doesn't look like it, but somehow can take a bit of lameness.

Caleb: A very jolly guy. Lately needs the z factor a bit, perhaps his class is giving him pressure. But no matter, he seems to know the most Classical here so far.

And so that's almost it...I may do others too, but I'm not close enough yet. As a mark of somebody obeying the Creed of EViL, thy shall not have enemies! Hate me, and you hate yourself, for I shall never hold a grudge against you! Well, it's my trait you see, I forget stuff after I sleep and wake up overnight...including Grudges and Mathematics. Some unfortunate parts there. So, until the next time, balance S=x+y+z! Otherwise get hunted by Dark Alan...oh wait. He doesn't hunt. Just stay away. Yeah that's right. No offence intended too.
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