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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Abstract Pain.

The pain in my hip has gotten much better now, though I had to endure 'other' means of pain before that. I couldn't go to school yesterday because I can't possibly walk down the stairs(strangely I could walk upstairs without pain) without potentially(potentially with a high potential!) falling over. Or crumbling to the ground. Or like, using crutches.

So yesterday afternoon I walked(limped) to my mother's something-instructor's house which happened to be our neighbour and he was some Chinese Practicioner or something that gave me a 90-minute massage. Well, it was in fact 90 minutes of hell. I'd say his fingers are so strong that if he poked you, you would have punctured. I would not describe that any longer as...I don't feel like anyway. Haha.

Random#5: I still haven't cut my hair. It's because I can't walk to a hair salon. Hmm...it's somewhat relevant!(non-random)

Today I did one hour of Physics. Wow something productive.

I have missed school and for the fact, my Co-Curricular Activity(CCA) which is the Symphonic Band(again) for Friday, Saturday, Monday and Today, which risks me getting a bad reputation. It's just my bad luck then, to couple my illness with my nearly-one-of-a-kind leg/hip problem. And I would have thought it was fortunate to happen on the weekends, and a public holiday.

I will need to catch up on some studies now(thus the one hour of Physics) and so, I hope I will start studying after I finish typing this(that's what my father said, so...)

So...I end my post here, before somebody gets hurt real bad, and...for those wondering, I still have no firm reason why my hip hurt. The finger-poker guy said that it is probaby due to my imbalanced(<-Strikeout)...UNbalanced leg length, thus making me usually relying one leg to stand, exerting pressure on it. In other words, it's the natural cause. Of DiViNE EViL.
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