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Monday, May 07, 2007

It's back...again!

My hip is giving me headaches. Well, okay. Legaches. I can't walk to school again. Then my sister has fever. So my mother brought her to a general practicioner...I did not go because I could not walk there, and a general practicioner would not be able to do much anyway. I think I am going for an X-ray soon...I have a check up with my 'leg doctor' at the end of this month anyway(It's not that I want to call him 'leg doctor', it's just that I don't know how else to call him).

The only thing I am afraid of is that I cannot produce any medical certificate. Thereafter the school will argue with my parents and mumble jumble...In the modern Singapore, a Medical Certificate is King. Show it to your teacher/boss etc. and they will bow to you and invite you home to rest. However, if you don't have one, even though you're looking as if you're going to drop dead any minute, you'll still be asked to proceed with what you're supposed to do. I've gone through this many times. Many, many times. Well, sometimes it is sensible. Why go see a doctor, waste time, waste money, and waste your rest, when you have a fever caused by the common flu? In my past experiences, swallowing Panadol in intervals, drink lots of water, and sleep, will revive you again in at most two days.

My parents learnt this, actually. They used to be typical people who brought me to a clinic every time I fell sick, and had to take antibiotics and such. Then there was a period of time we went to Great Britian(more specifically, Southampton), because my father was posted there for a while. Okay so while I was there I fell sick, and my parents brought me to a clinic. The doctor examined me, and said, "You have common flu go home take a rest drink water something like that" and that was all. My parents asked, "no medicine?" And he said there wasn't a need for it. And so it turned out to be true. Ever since, my parents won't bring me to a clinic if I had a fever(unless it was a high fever). And thus, I think I have only gotten two medical certificates to produce for my teachers when they asked for it. The rest, which can number up to about ten more times throughout my Secondary School Life, ask my parents and my teachers.

But, I still don't know if it's just me, or the society, or my parents. What I do know, is that a medical certificate won't do anything to a painful hip.
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