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Friday, May 11, 2007


I just woke up after five-and-a-half-hours or sleep from 1200 to 1730. What a refreshing...'nap'. That is because my Symphony Band SYF(Singapore Youth Festival) competition started at 0830. This morning. Which meant we had to reach there about 0800. Which meant we had to leave school at 0700. Which meant we had to have last-hour practice at 0600. Which meant we had to start warming up at 0515. Which meant we had to have breakfast at 0445. Which meant we had to wake up at 0400...this morning. And that was what we exactly did.

To prevent people from getting late, we had to stay overnight in the multi-purpose room...and it was cold. Not to mention I had no pillow.

So I hardly slept, not to mention I could not really lie on my right side because of my hip, though it was better through muscle relief medicine and painkillers.

Talking about my hip, it got so bad that, well, I finally went to see a doctor, so I got a Medicial Certificate! I went in the morning on Tuesday though, so I still had to return to school after that. I had to bring my umbrella as a walking stick to walk on that day. Now that was truly lame.

Random#6: I had a blocked nose yesterday

Now, if I am not that lazy and have the time, I will try and scan and upload stuff here.., for the sake of picture-hungry people. Don't criticize my drawings though. :x I'm no good at drawing live things. Haha.
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