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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not another screwup?

Now what, Blogger has changed again?

My formatting box now , which is supposed to be horizontal above my typing area, is vertical. Which means it irritates the heck out of me when I'm trying to type.

Unlucky events come in groups don't they? Yesterday I waited 55 minutes for a bus(Well, actually it was 45 minutes, but it was full). Now that's just ridiculous when you see six Off-Service buses passing by in the same amount of time. Then today, we had a symphony band exchange with four other schools. And I would have said we performed horribly...perhaps we were not used to it...

Then I have to cut my hair, which I still have not done. Going to take some time to cut my hair tomorrow and then there's a Mathematics test on Monday where I don't understand anything on the two chapters they are about to test.

Fortunately, it is about to end. After this test, there's the band competition, which happens so early that we would have to be there at school at five in the morning, which means we have to stay over in school. And somehow I know a lot of people are not going to fall asleep even though they try. After that, there's another week, then it's our school's one-month break(which happens one week earlier than other schools because of some talks or something like that). Let us hope that in that month's time, I will come to discover...how to do mathematics.

So this is in general one of the more serious posts. That is because I am feeling serious. I should not feel serious! Well, maybe next time. I'll guarentee that, though.
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