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Friday, May 25, 2007

Laziness Carries Over.

I haven't been posting because my holidays have started, and thus I have more time to laze around. So much so that I'm too lazy to post. Maybe because it's boring anyway. There are more happenings in school, but they all take too much energy. Therefore the best way is to sleep...zzz...zzz...

I had so much rest that I had the energy to watch that Champions League Final at 0230 to 0445 hours. Of course, I woke up late the next day, at about 1130 hours.

Mind you, I don't sleep so much until I feel lethargic. However, I know I have been sleeping a lot because my mind has been generating more weird dreams lately. One, I remembered, but not totally remember, included a mix of Physics, a Building, Pokemon, and my Mom. Not a joke.

Today I had a leg checkup. The doctor said that I was okay despite that weird hip 'injury' 3-4 weeks ago. Not like it is still lingering around anymore. Fortunately it had only something to do with the muscle, not the joints.

Random#7: Blogger is better now, and I am eating a brandy-cherry dark chocolate thingy..

So, until school starts, there will be nothing special happening, I guess...

Oh yeah, I found this quote from a certain forum (can't remember which). It goes:

"Light travels faster than sound. That's why someone appears to be bright until they start to speak"

Watch your mouths, everyone.
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