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Monday, April 23, 2007


Who doesn't?

For starters, I have Mathematics, Geography and Project Work homework to do, Physics, Chinese and General Paper to study for. They are giving me headaches, as in literally. It must have something to do with this horrendous weather. Today was like, somebody up in the sky just wasn't happy with our school. I had to wait more than half an hour before rushing home for my piano lesson...then I felt sick...that would have been due to no lower than four coughing people in my class...

Random#2: My hair is too long

Now, time is also important for...sleep. I'm probably going to fall ill tomorrow, but that is not possible because there is Physics 'A' Level Practical. Yes! The actual thing! Though it is only part of it, but it's actually the actual thing! So no matter what, The Physics Practical virus will own all the rest whereby I shall do the practical with somehow somewhat level of committment! Yes I know I'm somehow ranting. Also, I got irritated by something...

Random#3: I searched for a CD for much of the evening in my stuffed cupboard and went on to somehow read a chinese picture book and sat here typing when suddenly I saw it on the table in front of me

New notechart is up. It's on Chocobo Racing's Mythril Mines, that nice wacky tune. However, as again, I have not the time to upload it yet. If only...you could control time...

...no wait. That will be disrupting the creed of EViL somehow, I feel. For the benefit of all, you shall sacrifice.
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