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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cyclic Octahedral

I'm bored and so the title here has nothing to do with this post. Ah.

Probably all my classmates are complaining about the physics test anyway, so here's my version.

"I should have taken Economics"

Ah, but...well...I have no idea how to explain this. Just in case your inference is teh suxx0rz like how I screwed up my combined humanities, here's the blunt truth: I think Feesicks is teh suxx0rz!

Don't mind the 1337, it's just only a few phrases that I rarely use.

Oh, and, I'll probably be trying to change the colour of the blog...to black and white. Easier to read, see. Anyway, it's mostly text.

But text is good for health. And so is good English.
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