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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

...continued from post below

Anyways, what we did was, play a game our teacher 'invented'! Although there is no official name, it is most likely named 'Thetorturousmedicineball'. Well, we had to take this Medicine Ball, which contrary to its name, probably weighs like 35,152 pills of Panadol(trademark) compressed into a ball. And, contrary to its name, you don't eat it when you're ill.In fact, the thing that is most un-contrary to its name is um...the game's name!(if you haven't deciphered it already) How can 35,152 pills of doom kill you other than swallowing them? Well...carry them. AND run around the track. THEN toss them. THEN catch them. THEN run around the track with it again. THEN , THEN run around the track with it again...you get the point(i hope). So at the end, we were relieved to lock up the pills of doom back to where they belong (the torturechambers).
So, stay tuned next week for another 'New Ideas to Torture Students if you're a Physical Education(Tortuation) teacher' lesson next week and find out what happens to the victims! (just hope I won't die or lose my fingers so that I can type more)
For now, I guess I have to cut the post again. It's a miracle if I can post without cutting this.
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