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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Desire I Require

My CD can't work, my right-side hip hurts, I feel like playing a DS, and I almost screwed up my physics Practical. Ah, now that's what you call a boring normal day.

As for the physics practical, it was part of 'A' Level so I could not afford to screw anything up. It involved the bending of a metre rule by using some weights and a pulley. The amazing thing is, I have learnt about pulleys since lower secondary science (or even primary science), but this is the first time I use(and see) a pulley in a practical exercise! Well, an examination actually.

So I continued to do my experiment happily until I realised one thing. When I pressed down the ruler all the way and let go so that the weights lifted the ruler, the raised length was definitely different if I pressed the weights down instead. The pulley was somehow...rough. The gap range of 40 centimetres was too large to ignore. However, the resulting graph still produced a straight line, so I happily drew it and tinkered with the apparatus a bit. That was when I realised that there was something wrong with the clamped pulley...so I loosened the clamp and re-clamped the pulley. Then...

The ruler could OSCILLATE! I happened to clamp the pulley too hard, which resulted in the inability for it to shift fluently. In the last fifteen minutes I re-recorded two sets of results and drew a graph...which turned out to be more proper-looking.

Otherwise, the rest of the day was just a plain, boring, don't-understand-anything feel and headache-ridden day.

I will end with something I noticed when I typed just now:

Random#4: I seem to use a lot of hyphens today.
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