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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And it's another boring, painful day

I woke up this morning, stretched my legs, and they cramped. Both of them. Though, well, my left one was worse. Now that was bad. It's still aching now.

As the title says, it's another boring, painful day, though the boring part fortunately did not consist much of the...academics. I could really sleep in class(if I was allowed to). I will need more sleep for tomorrow so that I can sleep more tomorrow! Well, if you get what I mean.

Even now I am darned bored. I have Geography mindmaps to do, Chinese to study, and complete my Project Work Preliminary Idea Report. Fortunately after this, I can take a rest. Additionally, next tuesday is a holiday. Yay.

For now, I need to stop doing this unless there's something really interesting or I really do feel like typing. It must have been a record or something, I have been posting 5 days in a row. Ah, now that feels better.
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