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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lameness rules.

TY here is a classmate of mine who is lame. Not as lame as me, because I fulfil two definations of 'lame'. But he quite excels my other meaning of lame, which is 'being not funny so much that it is funny'.

Some quotes from TY:
Teacher:"Next week(lecture) we will be moving very fast"
TY:"She say next week she will be moving very fast"

TY:"I ran so much yesterday that my body egg(ache)...then I can cook the egg"

Q:"Which part of your body is the fastest"
A:"The nose because it can run"

Q:"How can you escape from a sealed metal box with only a small knife and an orange"
A:"Cut the orange into half, place it back together to make a hole(whole) and escape using the hole"

Q:"You escaped from the hole and found yourself on top of a mountain. How do you get off the mountain quickly"
A:"Shout yourself horse(hoarse) and ride the horse down the mountain"

He even has the "lameness aura" because he makes those around him become lame
Physics Teacher:"You know what a mercury-in-glass thermometer is right?"
Guy beside TY:" Mercury so big how to put inside glass"

And, I actually tried to find the volume of a resistor today. Oh well. It is just so...difficult...and tomorrow is going to be a long long day...yeah, as much as twenty kilometres...
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