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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


The word doesn't affect me as much as it used to. A mention of the word no longer draws my immediate attention. The prospect of coming across your path no longer surfaces whenever possible. I think this is it - I'm returning to who I once was.

And the warmth is slowly returning. My senses are slowly restored. My life simpler, my freedom re-established. I speak without fear. I discuss without awkwardness. I live without pain.

This journey has been a long and troublesome one, but I trudged through the storm and made it out alive. I may have suffered a few injuries but they taught me how to prevent them the next time I face the same obstacles. Ultimately, I didn't lose anything. Through the senseless plundering, I had to reach unprecedented levels of courage and passion. And about time too. This in addition eliminates several dilemmas that might have cropped up over the long break. The problems I have to solve are now mine alone.

I wonder how I will have to break it out to you. Then, more options will be opened...I might finally obtain all the answers I've been looking for. The answers to everything that has troubled me in the past four months. Was I thinking too much, or too little? Assumptions can only get me so far. Now, the option to see the truth will be opened to me. Or so I hope.

You might not really want the details, nor might I be willing to share everything, but I would really want to describe and recall all that I've been through. Perhaps it might enlighten you to your apparent obliviousness. There sure are positive and negative aspects of such a quality, but then again, everything in moderation. Ha, seems like I care less if you would think too much now.

We will still keep in touch. But I will no longer volunteer to assist you in your every move. Not that I think you really needed it, anyway. We'd do well on our separate ways, and this was just not meant to be. In this aspect, you have been right. Now that I have come to understand most of your decisions, I am really appreciative of how you handled the overall situation. But perhaps, it might just be natural in that position. After all, the supply of other stories will never cease. And it will probably be a while before fate decides to fool with me again.

Until then, I can put this to rest once and for all.
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