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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Confusing Implications

I know you mean goodwill and nothing more, but won't you be afraid that I will infer differently from what you imply, or do you just not expect me to do anything, given my passive character?

Or perhaps you are so desperate for your ideal situation to happen that you wouldn't mind my little interference? I am not inclined to believe you're so insensitive, or perhaps you're just underestimating the pain I have gone through. Though this does not affect me much anymore, inside my mind I'm still confused in why you would confide this kind of information to me. Even when I'm putting myself in your shoes...I can't imagine really doing such a thing. If we were just good friends, sure...but we're good friends with a catch. And I never even gave you the confirmation that I'm no longer pursuing this matter. Imagine if you found someone else...what of me, then?

Or maybe you've thought much more ahead than I've imagined. That I will not mind agreeing to these conditions, because they do not directly affect you. I'm overthinking again a bit here, but otherwise I really don't know the answer. Indeed, your minds and thoughts are difficult to decipher. I never know if you're thinking too little or too much. Based on our past experiences, it's probably the former...that you are willing to forget everything. But the one who's shackled...the one who's bound to instinct...isn't able to put everything down that easily. We all have good intentions...but sometimes, the combination of good intentions bring about undesirable situations.

Maybe...with my acceptance, you would have thought I wouldn't mind. And that's true...given the current state of affairs. Let us just hope it doesn't get worse than how it is now.

We think too much about things we care about; it's time I thought less.
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