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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nothing More

I think I've finally managed to infer most of your intentions, or rather, the lack thereof. Admittedly, the situation is still good, and it'd be too greedy and selfish of me to ask for more. But inside me there's a little part that just won't go away. And while you're here, which you will be bar any unexpected happenings, I don't know if I will ever manage to diminish this, ever.

There's nothing more I can really do to change myself without altering my character outside of my normality. All I can hope for is for time to cause you to appreciate for what I am more...but that seems highly unlikely. As it stands, this is probably how we'll be until the end.

At least my increased interaction with more people has enlightened me about some of their thinking. It's really curious that I find myself much more at ease with certain people and I can't really explain why. But all these interactions have given me more insight about what some people imply sometimes; or maybe just not implying anything at all. Overthinking is again, as I have stressed, the root of misinterpretation...

But putting myself in your point of view has probably increased my understanding. Although we obviously think very differently, and we experience and handle events differently as well, I have come to view things from another angle, though I can only expect this can be done when my heart and mind are in a more tranquil state.

Forcing on is not only a bad idea, but uncharacteristic and conflicting of my principles. Perhaps I will gauge my attempts from time to time, but there won't be any big moves. Aren't we all happy as we are now? The past is the past...however awkward, unpleasant or nostalgic it was...it can all be put behind as long as we trundle on. I'm relatively new to this...thus my difficulty in adapting and returning to normal...but it seems like everyone else has been able to graciously accept and move on.

And thus ends the beginning.
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